PREDICTION: Green Bay - Detroit #2 (Thanksgiving)

Yeah, but you picked the Packers to have the blow out win. You might want to change that.

Thx…. And corrected

My concern is that the defense must feel beat up and tired

Well they won’t have to chase Love around like they did Fields.

Someone has mommy issues.

4 scores is 28 points. That’s a rarity in today’s NFL bastion of parity - as long as Patricia isn’t coaching.

Four scores is 25 points. It happened once last week and twice in week ten.

I see the Lions pounding the rock in this game. Packers rank 28th giving up 135 yards per game and 156 yards per game on the road. If GB packs the box to stop the run, Goff may hit a number of chunk plays including Jameson. I think the Lions need to dial up pressure against Love and see how quickly he can make decisions. He’s a QB that completes just 59.8% of his passes. He’s not close to the level of Fields as a runner. I think Love is oversold as a QB by the media who want him to be the next great GB QB.


Comfortable 34-20. Pack gets a late score to make it sort of respectable. They are really banged up, and Love is just ok. I imagine Lions will bounceback after such a stinker, riding high with confidence. I expect Goff to redeem himself (for the 3 1/2 quarter mess).

Just seems like entire team has bought in, sick of SOL BS, gonna roll in the spotlight.

NFL Week 12 picks

Green Bay (4-6) at Detroit (8-2)

Thursday, 12:30 p.m. ET (Fox, Stream on fubo, try for free)

If you didn’t get to watch the Lions on Sunday – and I’m guessing you didn’t because I’m pretty sure their game was only shown to about 1.3% of the country – they pulled off the most improbable comeback of Week 11. They were trailing by 12 points with three minutes left to play against the Bears and somehow still won.

Sure, it was against the Bears, but it was still impressive, and this is how I know the Lions are different this year. The old Lions would have lost that game by 33 points because the Bears would have somehow scored three touchdowns over the final three minutes to complete the blowout. But these Lions are so good that they were able to sleepwalk through three and a half quarters and still win.

Speaking of sleepwalking through three and a half quarters, that’s almost always what I used to do on Thanksgiving when the Lions were playing, but now that they’re good, I’ll probably end up watching this entire game.

After getting that wake-up call against the Bears on Sunday, I feel like the Lions are going to roll in this game. The biggest thing working in the Lions’ favor is that they’ll be going up against a Packers defense that is surrendering 134.7 rush yards per game this season, which ranks 28th in the NFL. On the flip side, the Lions have an offense that ranks fifth overall in rushing yards per game. I think what I’m trying to say here is that the Lions might not have to throw a single pass to beat the Packers, which would be fitting, since I’m pretty sure that’s the same game plan they used to beat the Plymouth Pilgrims when they played on the first Thanksgiving back in 1621.

The last time the Lions started 8-2 came all the way back in 1962 and they improved their record to 9-2 with a Thanksgiving win over the Packers. I see history repeating itself this week. Time is truly a flat circle.

The pick: Lions 30-20 over Packers

FTP #3 this year

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What has been missing from this Thanksgiving Lions game?
All the articles and stories on why Lions shouldn’t have a game on Thanksgiving anymore.

Not one person saw it coming. 0 were right, 75 were wrong.


Gotta get right at Nawlins.


I thought we were voting for Lions vs Saints…