PREDICTION: Green Bay - Detroit #2 (Thanksgiving)

Predict the winner of the Thanksgiving Day game and the margin of victory
  • Detroit squeaker - 1-3 pts
  • Detroit one score game - 4-8 points
  • Detroit comfortably - 9-16 points
  • Detroit blow-out - 17-34 points
  • Detroit Thanksgiving massacre again - 35+ points
  • Green bay squeaker - 1-3 pts
  • Green bay one score - 4-8 pts
  • Green Bay comfortably 9-16 points
  • Green bay blow-out 17+ pts.
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Short week for gettting your votes in. I’ll provide an updated tally after the T-day game.

We win!

Packers with a close win against the Chargers yesterday (which they could have lost)

they literally only have AJ Dillion and PS players as their RB’s

Wicks and Doubs have both shown solid flashes, and like last game, Love is gonna have to beat us through the air

If lions play similar to what they did last time, should very much be a turkey day win.

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I stay with my pat prediction. Lions 31-17.

Screw Love

Packers with some tough injuries yesterday and in a shortened week would think Jones is out. Love has shown some signs here and there, thankfully more of a pocket qb.

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i will say that Chargers Defense, considering we just played against them

is shit though sooo

we will see, ours hasnt been super clean lately, but hopefully it should be a bit of bounce back game on thursday

I want to say that we’re going to stomp them because this is our game in the best Lions season in 60 years, but I don’t think we’re capable of beating anybody by four scores with this defense.

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I went with a comfortable win.
Alex Anzalone says they find new ways to win each week.
I hope they cream those Packers for Thanksgiving like a side dish nobody likes, just put em in the trash.
Then a mini bye.

I went with a blowout win… The lines are just due to put a hurting on somebody; who better than the Packers


Packers playing a little better and us playing a bit worse. I still think we win, but I think it will be an entertaining game. And once against 7.5 points is a little generous.

This is a we pull it all together game and blow those fuggs out of the water


A lot closer than the game earlier this year.

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Need to see GB actives on Thursday before saying yes to this.

They came out of Sunday with a bunch of injuries.

  • The Packers are 14-20-2 overall on Thanksgiving with an 8-12-1 record against the Lions.

Campbell noted the biggest difference between the last time the Lions saw Love and how he’s playing coming into this week’s matchup is the Packers’ QB is connecting more consistently on big plays. And if the Week 4 outing was the quarterback at his worst, he’s been closer to his best during this recent three-game stretch, where he’s twice posted passer ratings above 100 sandwiched around his best QBR showing on the season.

Defensively through 10 games, the Lions have conceded 31 pass plays longer than 20 yards. They surrendered two such throws against Chicago last week, including a 39-yard touchdown from Justin Fields to D.J. Moore.

I normally don’t think blowouts in the NFL are likely. But it seems like the Lions are due for a game where they are clicking on all cylinders against a lesser opponent…and they’ve been pretty good on national tv this year, so…what the hell. Lions by 17.


I expect GB to come in and give us their best shot like Chicago did.

We’ve embarrassed them twice on national tv.

They will be fired up.

Lions 27
GB 22

Against the Rams, Chargers and Steelers. The 20th, 31st and 28th best defenses. Not exactly murderers row there

That is fair and I agree, then again, our defense hasn’t performed well over the last few games. I think we win but I think it could be closer than expected.

edited: Now waiting to see how correct GB’s estimated injury list is.

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