I know. Doesn’t seem right. Maybe they’re thinking we’re resting alot of people??

No idea on this one… i guess it all depends on who is and isn’t playing and for how long.

Breech from CBS picks the Lions over the Vikings 24-16. He also picks the Bears to “upset” the Packers and keep them out of the playoffs. However, that’s not what caught my attention. Instead, it was this paragraph:

Last Week

Best pick: Last week, I predicted that the Cowboys would pick up a dramatic win over the Lions and guess what happened? The Cowboys won a dramatic game over the Lions. Now, did I know that the officiating crew was going to cost the Lions the game? Of course I did. If you’ve been a fan of the Lions for more than five minutes, then you already know that every controversial call in every game they play in always goes against them. I would list all the bad calls that have ever gone against the Lions, but that would take 14 hours for me to write and nine hours for you to read and I’m just not sure that we have that kind of time to work with.

There’s truth in humor. Even though it happens to all teams from time to time, a national writer has noticed the Lions seem to get screwed more than other NFL teams.

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aint nobody got time for that GIF

so, @JerseyJungle first time i have actually voted in this poll iirc.

So, I’ll say it for you -
Lions win.

futureman GIF by HULU

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yes, yes, no, yes

Looks like @Spartansd broke through with five wins and wins this season-long contest. Did I miss anyone else?


@JerseyJungle super fun and I have no idea who picked what, but I do know that I got yester right :wink:

But I have to say that we run a similar thing for my MSU tailgating crew. The difference is we just do it against the spread. But what makes me laugh is when anyone picks against MSU the group turns on them LOL. But like last season everyone just started picking against MSU because well it was not good.

I am curious if anyone actually has a win picking against the Lions…heavy troll action there. And hindsight being what it is, the Ravens game does seem like a game that maybe we all should have considered a tough win.

We had a hefty number of correct predictions (18) on this game of a comfortable Lions win (9-16 points). Congrats to everyone (too many to mention). I will mention the seven “first-time” winners who nailed this game: @Davicus , @frm710 (who was 1-for-1), @Glasgow_Lion @JG2ASB @Lem20 @RHP and @Sarge . I will make a separate topic for the overall season results…
Thanks to all who participated!


There were some brave souls - not many though!

Seattle - @LutherEllis @lionhuskers
Baltimore - @goldenlions
GB2 - nope
Chi2 - @SkyHock @TouchdownMyPants
Dal - @Nate @Usi05 @Mike0618

I did against Dallas but definitely not a troll!

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LOL no it is all good. This is all for good fun. I mean looking back the one that makes me realize I am a complete homer is the road game at Ravens.

no one saw that coming. Baltimore started off slow and was just hitting their stride.

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