Prepare of Chaos

This season is going to be utter chaos. Get ready for a significant increase in injuries, sloppy play, and potential COVID issues. Expect the unexpected.


Thanks, Mr Happy…I think we’re all aware of the potential pitfalls of this year…


Man this would be an awesome thread if I was in a comma the last six months. Seriously, what else did I miss?

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Let’s not try to be so negative.

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Expect the unexpected? Most people believe all the things you listed are to be expected, therefore I’ll expect none of them to happen :blush:


Yea, if I expected none of those things to happen … then I would be expecting the unexpected



I’m just happy there is some football. I’m not going to say that I could care less about the results of the games, but my frustration is going to be rather muted due to my gratitude for having some games to watch.

Lions have mastered chaos and unexpected for my 50yrs… we should be the favorites to win it all in that case

Viewership down 16% from last year’s opening game…