Prescott offered 105 million

I think he deserve more than this. Does he deserve better contract than geoff ?

Personally I think he’s a product of a solid line and running game. But hey, that’s just me.


I wouldn’t pay him, but yea he deserves more.

I wouldn’t be willing to pay him that number. I don’t think Goff is worth his contract either, but he had just come off a Superbowl appearance.

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I think Dak is over rated. He should probably take this because he will get exposed elsewhere. He has an all-pro OL, an all-pro RB and an all-pro WR.


He had zero wins vs winning teams last year. His qb rating was almost 25 lower in those games. He’s only won 25% of his games vs winning teams the last 40 games of his career. 62% of his yardage and almost 70% of his TDs came when behind last year.
But the one thing about QBs and contracts, it has NOTHING to do with who’s better. It’s all about timing. Imo he’s not a top 8 QB. But his is the next deal up so he’ll get the$$$. Did ANYONE think cousins was the best? Hell no, not even minny. But it was his turn. And so the contract game keeps going


I think Dak gets by on some hype but that said he’s going to sit tight a little while and see if bigger offers swing his way, and not leap at the first offer.

way back machine I wanted us to draft Dak as Stafford’s backup.

To clarify he was offered the richest contract in NFL history.

He was offered 105 Guaranteed not 105 mil. He was offered 33 mil a year plus 105 mil guaranteed.

That offer is more than Rogers got an on par with Wilson’s if you ask me.

I will sign with this offer . Corona global impact is going to trigger soon , better sign now

As previously mentioned, he’s not a top 8 QB. I’d put him farther down than that. 14, 15, middle of the pack. I agree that his Oline is his greatest blessing. Put him in a different backfield, Chicago’s, Jacksonville’s, Seattle’s or even Atlanta’s and see if he adjusts to that pressure. He also has a running game to help him out. Then there’s the new coach, McCarthy, too. He was the OC in San Francisco with Montana, coached Favre and Rodgers and I don’t think Prescott’s in their league. So no, I wouldn’t pay him whatever the next one in turn should get paid. There are just too many other WELL established QB’s on the market this year.

Not just you.

Me too.