President Donald J Trump looking to bring sports back

Meeting with all the commissioners, also Bob Kraft, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban. This is great. He has 3 great owners there.

PGA Tour also announces they will resume play June 11:

Dana White also said UFC will resume May 9. He has been relentless. These are all great signs. I think it will be cool to play without fans, you can easily hear the players chirp and swear.

NBA and NHL will complete their seasons I fully believe this. I know the NHL is preparing to play into August.


Man I can’t wait for sports again with or without fans! Just give me something at this point.

Hats off to Dana White as he’s been trying hard to get the fans something to watch!!!

Was lookin forward to Ferguson beating Khabib but now it’s Gaethje vs Ferguson and that should be a war!!!

Wait till the see the ratings for the draft Should set record People can’t live in a bubble for much longer


Trump isn’t bringing anything back. The leagues will when it’s time and there is consensus it’s safe enough to do so.

Trump didn’t bring Easter back, he’s not “bringing sports back.” A very childish notion. He’s just trying to take credit for something that won’t be his doing.

/end public service announcement.


I know other ppl that think Fergeson can win too. I really feel like Khabib is even better than ppl think. I’m just glad he squashed Connor.

One thing that’s for damn sure…the truth will reveal itself.

Dude gets a groupon rub and tug with Krafft at a Florida strip mall and this is supposed to mean something? He has zero control over any of this. Saying otherwise is wishing for a dictatorship. Fake news, Iggy.


I will watch NBA games again. I want sports

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Roll my eyes, dude there just something wrong with you.

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Trump isn’t God!!!


Just got a notice youth wrestling state championships for MI was postponed a 2nd time. Will happen in late May now, obviously not going if they keep the state shutdown. Not sure little league will ever start?

you amaze me with your ability to constantly hit low points. Who do you think wants to read this? Hopefully you are at least amusing yourself.


Problem is there will never be a consensus. That implies an agreement. The doctors will say we can’t risk it and the business people will say let’s go. Picking THAT day or THAT moment is a mathematical impossibility because you will never be able to measure any other outcome.

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Well, I won’t go that far.

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Lol. I will, I’m missing sports real bad.

Lols bingo now you know how everyone feels when he post about Stafford’s meanless wins. Lols pretender

Yeah, we get positive news and goes on a Trump rant again.

You know what will help discipline the business side of the equation? Fear of lawsuits.

probably not. the legal defense would simply be assumption of risk. Pretty hard for people with all that is going on to try to claim they didn’t understand there is risk being around other people. They chose to do it on their own free will therefor they accepted that risk. plus you will have major cash behind the NFL, Corporations or whoever vs the poor college kid. IN the pros they have unions who would agree to go back to playing so that wouldn’t help the players claims.
Look at the fight over concussions in football and how long that took. All the money spent on lawyers was probably more than the players got in a settlement. and that only really said in the future we will be more careful

Some fair points, but I think we’ll see a lot of caution. Bad optics are bad for business. All it takes is one little breakout on one team and the whole thing needs to get shut down. And lawsuits will likely need to be defended against. I think we can agree if there is some good news treatment-wise that will sure speed things up.

VERY TRUE. but the NFL has a lot of drunk, wife beating, girlfriend abusing, drug addicts and that hasn’t hurt business too much. My worries are not the players they are all young, healthy kids who the virus hasn’t affected much. the coaches and staff on the other hand are older and many are not in that great of health in their high stress profession. For those who want Matty Patty gone that thought may make them smile. They also have to think about their families. A college kid could take it home to mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. A pro for that matter too.