Pro Days Tidbits

The fact that Holmes can go in so many directions is a reflection of how well this roster is constructed.
IOL, OT, Edge, DT, WR, CB are all options at #29 as well as trade up or back.
I see why Holmes says drafting here is more fun than at the top of the draft. More options, intrigue, scenarios, and planning go on in this selection.
The way this is set up, I’m confident Holmes will get a very good player that fits the Lions.

I think JPJ is overvalued in the mock community

Me too. Calling it now, 2nd round (which is where I’ve had him all along)

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You’ll prove clairvoyant. Your time in Travis County has given you Austin powers.

JPJ probably doesn’t move well enough at guard, or at center for that matter, to be valued by the Lions, I think.

And his arms, at least as they measured at the Senior Bowl, are all time short for a man that size. That matters along the interior of the line.

Ruggs. even though he’s in prison.

So here’s a wild one straight out of the Canadian combine:

Never played football before college because his town was too small, but was a boxer which led to a quick transition. I’d like to know his length but it’s hard to see the rest of his measurables and not think Maxx Crosby.

Here’s more on his story.


You had me at Maxx Crosby

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