Profile on our next man up

Hearing that this guy will be the one to replace Okuda at CB.

Hopefully he plays well. That way we can trade him next year and draft his replacement.


Why would you do that?

Because that’s the way to build up your team. Duh.


Well, you are good at moving the goalposts, I’ll give you that. It’s like you have your own set of posts and wear roller skates so you can move them around really quick.

So, while I know you’re going to run with this “trade every good player” bit until even you get sick of it, please note my original post carefully laid a series of things to happen for me to want to trade Decker:

  1. Sewell has to ball out. Check. 2) Nelson has to do same at RT: incomplete for now. 3) Decker has to fetch a 1st rounder or equivalent and (4) also provide massive cap relief. Neither of the last two are feasible capwise so it’s a moot point.

But if you wish to push around your goalposts like Dominic Raiola on a Sunday afternoon, knock yourself out! I know you will because it’s your favorite move.

Should the Lions wait until they give him a big contract extension like Decker… so they can eat a ton of dead cap space by trading him?

Pondering Alicia Silverstone GIF by Filmin

Its certainly a very strong way to go. The bigger contract you give the guy the more money you’ll “save” by getting rid of him.

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That is some next-level shit right there.

Playing chess while the rest of us are playing checkers.


Clearly, we’re not going to win anything this season. Might as well get our rookies some experience and get some solid evaluation.

Come on you guys! You give the guy the big contract so other people say, “Oooh, he must be really good.” THEN you trade him. That salary cap implications stuff is for checkers players. We’re playing 4-D chess here!

It’s really too bad that Kyle Pitts didn’t slide to 7 so that he could’ve been our starting CB, TE and OT.

If there’s 1 thing Kyle Pitts can’t do…its play OT. :rofl:

That’s Bc they switched him over to the right side. Muscle memory, ya know?