Projected 53 Man Depth Chart 9 Days Till Kickoff

So since were about 9 days until preseason kickoff, id like to share my thoughts on a depth chart and IM EXCITED! This team looks great!

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I got Benito Jones & Tyler Durden over Levi/Covington

You forgot Teddy 2 Gloves

Julian is in
Nelson out, Piersbacher over him

Gilmore vs Star V should be a good one


I don’t see Levi making this team currently. Seems like he has a long relay to go in 9 days and will always be an injury risk. PS best case.

He will be an elite level club bouncer.

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Yea the DL battle is close between those 4. Its just what i chose. That’s definitely one area thats gonna come down to the last minute who stays.

2 spots. Between Covington, Levi, Jones and Durden

I just dont see how julian stays. Him over who? JRM? Julian is cheaper to cut than JRM.
Barns? I think hes more versatile.
Anyone else is definitely better.

And i see them keeping 2 tackles vs 2.5 guards. Thats my logic but you may be right.

And thomas has been playing with the 1st team more than gilmore. Thats why he gets the nod for now.

And no T2G. Its been a week and no deal yet. Makes me think its not happening.


Who is this prescriber guy? …a doctor?

We need to petition Goodell to increase our roster size to 58 due to excessive talent.


It could be one spot among those four, and then JOkwara stays.

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Nelson has been taking 1st team reps when Sewell was out and repping 2nd string. Is this a guess or something more?

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Just an opinion not even a guess really. I’ve never liked Nelson…we let Skipper & Brown go. I expect Stenberg & Nelson to follow.

Sorsdal can play RT
Ifedi can play RT
Glasgow as backup G/C

I would imagine we only keep 8…that spot can go to Juliette Okwara

Here is the latest camp report for what that’s worth.

Looks like Ifedi is dropping down the list. He was always super inconsistent in Seattle. Kind of like their J Okwara. Flashes at times but misses assignments too. Eze is supposedly doing very well. More upside than most of the other tackles on the team.

With Ragnow unavailable, the offensive line saw some shuffling. Graham Glasgow took his spot at the pivot, with Halapoulivaati Vaitai holding down the right guard starting spot. With both Glasgow and Vaitai starting, rookie Colby Sorsdal stepped in and took second-team reps at right guard. One final move with the second team saw Obinna Eze promoted to second-team left tackle, with Matt Nelson playing opposite him. The odd man out in that situation was Germain Ifedi, who slipped back to third-team right tackle.


I like this kid a lot. If he beats out Ifedi for backup LT job that’s HUGE

Would be a pleasant surprise that many aren’t expecting due to Ifedi experience


Pretty strong message from Dan to Julian here.

*But when the Lions opt for a true reserve edge pair, it was Houston and Romeo Okwara who saw the field, leaving Julian Okwara as the odd man out.

“Consistency,” coach Dan Campbell noted where Julian Okwara needed to improve. “And that’s really always been that for him, which we’ve talked about as well with him. He’s a flash player, man. He does something really impressive and then it just kind of reverts back at times. He doesn’t use what he’s been taught and so he—man, he just has to continually put on tape what he’s been taught and those little flash plays, they have to become the norm. We’re at the point now, we’re year three with him, with us, and so those things have to show up every time because he’s too talented, he just is. And I would say that’s it, consistency.”


We will keep 9 an right now Julian will not make it. I hope we can trade him before final day cuts


He is C /OG young he was on PS last season then ended up on main roster.
Right now he gets a lot of play at C I think they will keep solid back ups for OG an C The questions i have are Backup OTs. I think the rookie draft pick has played a lot of OG an he will make roster. Nelson as backup OT just because he knows the system an play calls. I think we keep 9 so regular 5 plus the draft pick an Glasgow leaves 2 openings Lets say Nelson so one more.

@coyote12 thanks man, I appreciate the Intel. I still am more comfortable calling him prescriber

Find a shorter nik an i will use it I look up his name every time.


QB- 2: Goff- Suds

RB- 4: Gibby- Monty- Jackson- MO Ibrahim

WR- 6: ASB-Jones- Reynolds- Raymond-Green- Mims

TE/FB- 4: LaPorta- Wright- Mitchell- Cabinda

OT- 4: Decker, Sewell, Eze, Nelson

OG/C- 5: Jackson, Rags, Big V, GG, Sorsdal

25 offense…. By mid season we can assume Jamo and Hooker supplant Green or Mims, and one OL player.

DE- 4: Hutch-Paschal-Romeo-Comish

DT- 4: McNeill- Bro Mart- Buggs- Levi O

Edge- 2: Harris- Houston-

LB- 5: AA- Jack Campbell- Rodrigo- Barnes- JRM

CB- 6: Sutton-Moseley-Jacobs-Harris-Starling-Branch

S- 4: CJGJ- Walker- K Joseph- Iffy

25- Defense… JO maybe makes it until Moseley comes back?

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They will very likely keep 9
C/G Glassgow
G/T Sorsdal

Those 2 are a lock.

So whose the last 2

T Nelson
T Ifedi
G Pierchbacher
T Eze
T Paulo
G Stenberg
G Awoska
C Cecil

Still going with Jones- out

Eze- in

I doubt he makes it He is coming along but lacks the time to be ready. He can’t handle backups to the backups yet.
Nt sure about Starling he has gotten a lot of media hype an has done well for UDFA CB but Gilmore has also caught eye of the staff. Don’t write off Smith if his neck holds up. \when they come back meaning Jamo an maybe Hooker i doubt the remove a OLman . First I think Hooker will be longer than mid season. They will not fast track him unless they feel they need him.

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