Projected Salary Cap

Who wants to play in the cold, with a running qb?

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Sorry wease, I wasn’t talking bears, was specifically asking wby would you get rid of Goff if he continues to play at his level

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How do you find the effective cap space? I just tried looking and couldn’t find it and never knew they had that feature.


Going to be tough to bring back everyone we want back AND sign an impact guy — unless you backload heavily — with a long term deal

To date, that has not been Holmes style

Most important is keeping core guys — then at what price?

J Williams
DJ Chark
D Elliott
J Cominsky
A Anzalome
E Brown
I Buggs
W Harris
M Hughes
C Board

Arguments could be made for each of these guys, and above the vet minimum for each.

Rather than one impact guy would be to replace a few on the list above with upgrades that still come without the impact contract.

Getting one impact guy is certainly doable— but not on a monster deal? I suppose these things always come back to contract structure.

But I want a contender for the next decade

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Click on link above, select 2023 . . . 2nd column is “Effective Cap Space”


Deadstroke is to salary cap mysteries as Sherpas are to Mount Everest.


Holmes will upgrade through the draft.

Oh, I agree, unless a comet hits him, he is Our Guy going forward and burning beans at QB probably isnt going to happen in 23

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Ok, just to play GM…

Cut 2 of these guys.

Then 1 more.

Because we will be lucky to re-sign 6 of them. We’ll be nice and give you an unrealistic 7.

Here, I’ll start.


Harris because he isnt good enough
Hughes because we are upgrading the spot, likely through FA AND the draft

Elliott because he may be too expensive relatibe to retaining the other ones.

Of course he will
Regardless, you have to bring in FAs to fill out your roster before the draft
Then you can essentially go BPA in the draft

Nobody is going to risk going solely with rookies

Great, but you still have to (mostly) replace them with somebody in FA before the draft.
All I’m saying is that bodies will be added above league minimum.
I hope they can add an impact guy — but teams overspend on “impact” guys — they become “splash” guys — no?

I don’t think you need to or in general end up with a full roster before the draft…maybe I’m wrong. They have a lot of UDFA camp invites too to get up to the 90 or whatever.

Regardless, there’s 53 guys and 16 PS and most teams churn at least 20% of their roster, probably between that and 40%…

Green Bay has always built their roster through the draft; even in their championship years.

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I think you are on the right track here. It obviously depends on how we come out of the draft and whats available in FA.
I like Elliott though … he seems to have a bit of an edge to him, and isn’t afraid of contact. I would try to keep him.

I think Buggs, Brown, Williams, Cominsky, and possibly Chark and Elliott are all core character guys that you can build around. I would put some reasonable effort into keeping them.

But again, draft and other budget FA options will be a big factor as far as assigning a value.

Lions have historically been somewhere between 70-75 players before the draft, draft picks and UDFA’s fill out the roster and they cut a couple of players if need be also.

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Agreed, I was not implying to 90
Dead’s 70 - 75 makes sense


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