Projected Salary Cap

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the Vikings are already in bad shape with money, but we all know teams can work it out. ZaDarius Smith frees up 12M and he is 30 going on 31. 3.3M dead money. Kendricks frees up 9.5M 1.9M dead money. again 30 going on 31.

I think the real kick is they only have 4 draft picks!!!
Based on who is there late in the 1st, I might help them out by giving a second and 3rd to move back into the 1st.


Look at Chicago. Yikes.


Holy crap $122 million in cap space for 2023? What is happening there? Are we about to see a Jags-style signing fest come free agency?


Hope so


Let’s hope so.

It always works so well.


Vikings likely keeping Z

Dalvin cook and maybe Eric kendricks/danielle hunter could be on the chopping block

Again, big thing with vikes is alot of their top players contracts end after 2023 season

They likely honna have to play JJ 30 mil and if they want hock still, could be 10 to 15 mill a year

Their window is this year and next year, they dont get it done, lots of desicions to make for their fo

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I don’t know where SI are getting their salary cap number from for the projected 2023 cap. Looks like they have it set around $230m?

OTC has it at $227.5m with the Lions having ~$27.7m.
Add in draft class hit of roughly $9m cap hit and resigning at least all the ERFAs because they’re no brainers and you’re looking at the Lions have like $12.5m before resigning anyone and will still need to put money aside for in-season moves.

Releasing Brockers frees up 10m, Harris frees up another 4m. Then you have V (6.5m) and Okwara (7.5m) to make decisions on. I think Okwara Sticks around and V is 50/50.

So I’d guess the Lions will have roughly 26-32m depending on what they do with Big V (minus whatever they set aside for in-season moves), to resign their own and play in FA.


OKay correction time, I thought we were talking Lions and then reread and saw that we are talking Bears. Yeah Bears go on a FA spending spree and use up all that money on guys that might or might not work for you.

The 122 is the Bears, I know I misread it also. They have the Lions at 30 million.

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I didn’t misread it. Just wondering where they get their 2023 NFL Salary Cap number from. Looks like they’re closer to 230m and most other sites are 225m-227m.

SI’s data is from Spotrac. I’d use NFL Salary Cap Space | Over The Cap, specifically their “effective cap space” for 2023, this accounts for draft pick cap charges and minimum salaries to bring teams up to 51 players.

i.e. Detroit has $27,732,346 of projected 2023 cap space, but when you account for 2023 draft picks ($8.904,619M) and $11,250,000 ($750K * 15 players), the cap space is the “effective cap space” of $7,577,727.


Much better way of looking at it

And anything we pay above minimum takes away from that $7.5m so there’s not much space

Brockers seems like the no-brainer move to create space
Will be interesting to see what they do with Big V
I’d like him to be back …


I can’t see a world where Brockers and Harris are back. That’s $14m right there.


Yes, Charles Harris
I get $14m cutting both of them
They are both no-brainers to me as well
Probably no-brainers for everyone!!

Will be interesting who they bring back and at what price

I’d like to see them bring Chark back again — probably would have to use a voidable year with him again …

With the effective space being approximately 23 million before you have to do restructures or make decisions on borderline guys like Big V and Okwara, then it seems pretty clear that there’s gonna be room for one impact free agent and then resigning a bunch of our guys to Bumps from their current rates

If that is the case it seems pretty clear they should target using that money on the impact free agent starter in the defensive backfield.

If Big V gets cut maybe there is a 2nd impact FA.

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I wonder will they look to restructure Goff’s deal this off season. He will be the starter here barring something very drastic happening.

I don’t think we should extend him - there is always the franchise tag meaning we can keep him through 2025 before moving on rather than locking ourselves in long term.

But would it be worth restructuring and moving a good chunk of his salary into bonus money to free up cap space.

With the way Goff is playing why wiuld we move on? He’s only 28, in his prime and this offense is a top 5 offense. He keeps this up next yr, lock him up


They’re going to sign that very special TE to a market contract too, which will cut in on their margins going forward. Yes, trade with Kwesi when ever possible.

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Y’all look at FA this year? Probably not the year you want $122M in cap space…

They can carry over some, but yeah, not a banner year.

They don’t need a QB, the best FA WR is either Jacobi Myers or Chark…they probably aren’t in the running for Saquon or Jacobs?

They can get line upgrades on both sides…annnd…mmmm…yeah, not a lot else to make you go WOW we just burned $100M!

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