Proud of our team

A lot of people didn’t pick the lions to stand a chance against the chiefs, especially when the inactive list came out . I feel like we out played the Kansas City Chiefs . They stole a win today with the help by the refs . I am very proud of the way we played today, yeah there some things to clean up but I feel we out played the best team in the nfl for all 4 quarters.


The Lions outplayed the best team in the league? I didn’t realize we played New England today.

That was last season when they had less talent.

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You try to pick a fight with everyone, on everything they say. Just let it go already.

Chiefs are arguably the best team in the league


Was a peaceful place until he came over.


I agree. It was nice to not have him here and he swore he would never come here because of Nate…but here we are.