PSchrager: 4 #1 seeds in an NFL QB Bracket would be?

He has:
Patrick Mahomes
Josh Allen
Lamar Jackson
Joe Burrow

Not sure you could disagree with those four, of course McCourty did, he took out Burrow and put in prescott…PRESCOTT???

which leads to this question
Who are your 2 seeds?


I think you could disagree with Josh Allen for sure. He is exciting, and talented. But, also fairly mistake prone at inopportune times. Just food for thought…

TBH, I think you could disagree with Burrows and then Allen as well. But who do you replace them with?
Jaimie had Aaron Rodgers in there. One asked if Stafford deserved to be in there?

If you leave those four as number 1’s my 2’s would be

Not 100% convinced on the above Hurts? Prescott? Love? Tua?

I think an argument can be made for Zak, he has pocket awareness, a good arm, and has the ability to escape under pressure.
I will take Goff over Zak 7 days a week, based on his ability to read through progressions in milliseconds as well as his accuracy.

I think Prescott is one of the most overrated players in football. He had a great year last year, but looked like he was about ready to be out of the league the year prior to that.

It’s easy to forget that he missed 5 games in 2022, and still led the league in int’s.

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Off the top of my head: