Public Service Announcement Sunday

If you wear a Stafford number 9 jersey to the game you spent so much more money for, you are not a real Lions fan. Please, leave those jersey at home.


Leaving this up because it’s a bullshit take.

Not everyone can afford a new jersey. Some wear it proudly. One Den member even offered to send their Stafford jersey to a fan so they’d have a jersey to wear to the game.

You don’t get to determine what a real fan is.

It’s a game. Wear whatever the ■■■■ you want.


I think this take is mostly in jest. At the end of the day nobody is going to care if someone is wearing a Stafford jersey. I do think it would be a little tone deaf to do so however

And in all fairness. If someone can afford to go to the game. They are spending what, a grand or so? They can probably afford a new jersey. Buy a Goff jersey yo, support the guy who got us here :beers:


I think people tend to forget that Matthew Stafford asked to be traded from Detroit.

He wanted out.

He did not want to be a Lion anymore.

Now, I love me some Matthew Stafford. He was the greatest Lions QB I ever watched play…BUT…he’s not a Lion anymore. He is wearing enemy colors.

I understand the love for him, and I understand the hate for him. It’s ok to feel both.

When I see this emotion in returning to Detroit from the Stafford’s, I look back and remember they wanted out of this place they love so much. That was their choice to leave…and it’s peoples choice to wear his jersey or to throw it in the trash.

I love Stafford…but he left us! And I’ll never forget that…


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People who can’t find a way to attend the game aren’t real Lions fans. It’s their first home playoff game in 30 years and you can’t find a way to make it work to cheer them on?

You aren’t a real fan!!!


See how â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  stupid that sounds?


People who don’t run their own Lions forum aren’t real Lions fans!!!

This is slowly turning into a “Blue Ski Mask” week all over again. Only with a Stafford jersey

A real lions fan would keep the 9 Jersey and put Tape over Staffords name and write

Can take the tape off on Monday Jan 15th sure


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How about people who don’t own any jerseys at all, because they feel like wearing the work shirt of another adult to that adult’s job is kinda weird? Are they true fans?


People who don’t have a Lions Christmas ornament that they carry around with them for good luck, which becomes worse for wear as it goes in and out of travel bags, aren’t real Lions fans.

Stafford left because the Lions could never do what our team is doing now when he was here. I wish he would’ve given Brad and Dan a chance but he got his ring and made his bed so now he has to sleep in it.

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