Putt Putt Golf - etiquette question

Is it gauche to bring your own putter. I play golf golf, but I don’t mind goofing off at putt putt.


That’s hilarious, dude. Put put was never meant to be taken that seriously…
But, by all means, take your putter.:rofl:

It is gauche to bring along your caddie though.


I mean, that would definitely make a statement.:rofl:

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If you win the putter by exchanging tickets won from the arcade, then you’re in the clear.

As far as the second question, yes @BitterSyd – I assume that’s totally fine. After all, I bring my wife all the time!

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Some of us grew up near an actual PuttPutt branded course and watched the Professional Putters Assiciation on ESPN2 in the 80s/early 90s. Damn right I brought my own putter…loser bought video game tokens for the winner!

Also, 2 of the 3 courses had the final hole,the one up the steep incline to the hole that didnt return your ball, aimed at the roof of the building, which if you Smashed The Fuck Out of It, could be used as a launching ramp for the ball to reach the Very Busy Main Road in Grand Rapids and ping a couple cars. They are friggin lucky I didn’t bring my Driver! I did manage to put a few down the driveway and onto 28th Street…#Skillz

Pretty sure my course record was 25 or so.

I grew up near a PuttPutt in Flint. Played there every Saturday where you could play for two hours at $5. Later in life, there has to be one in Royal Oak. We brought our own beer. Legally back in the day.

I lived less than a block from one in Garden City. My grandfather started taking me there in the early 60’s. The 18th was driving toward Middlebelt, about 500 yards away. Ford Rd was less than 10 yards, but, parallel.
Pretty sure all my kids have played that course.

We’ve got some cool blacklight courses in town.

I bring my putter every time. Is it weird that I keep it in a bag, and put the cover back on it between holes? Asking for a friend.


Nobody uses their own putter as you are playing with children or your wife/girlfriend. If you are worried about beating your child or grandchild, you may have issues.

Who takes kids putt-putting? That would just be cruel!

Who do you know who I’m playing with? Frankly, I get the most enjoyment from playing with myself :wink::joy:

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And you want to take kids putt putting with these guys hanging around?

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Just went to the KISS mini golf – fun stuff!

Unfortunately, no caddies available …

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