Q. Williams to be #1OA pick?


Just some more rumors to chew on ahead of tomorrow.

I wonder where Murray ends up in that senerio? Oakland? Giants?.. What if Murray is still there at 8?

I’ve got to be honest, I never really felt like the Cards would draft Murray… and still don’t.
If they can’t replace a 1st rounder from a year ago (Rosen) with anything remotely similar, that would be embarrassing imo.
I can actually see them moving out of that spot. Although it would be super expensive to do so, there are some QB needy organizations (Giants) that would give up an obscene amount, and I don’t think they should pass it up.
If they don’t trade out, I feel they go Williams or Bosa. To me, Murray just makes little sense in their situation. If Kingsbury really believes drafting a QB will help solve the teams real problems, he’s already setting himself up for failure, and should put a stamp on his ticket out of Tempe within a year or two.

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Hell, maybe Washington trades up.

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Should be interesting to see weather they make a smart choice or not. Drafting Murray could set them back years. And Murray falling past 1OA gives us a better shot at a trade down situation.