QB Brissett agree to $30M deal

Colts are nuts to give a backup that much money.

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The Colts keep saying they think he is the real deal. I don’t know about that, but for now at least they have gone all in on him. Of course they also just signed Hoyer to a 3 year deal in case things go south.

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Eh it’s a two year 15m a year desk so they don’t have to tag him

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Classy organization. Too bad they are going to suck this year.

Yep, they’re shit out of Luck!

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I don’t know, a Patriots trained QB. 3rd rounder.

The Colts have a total pile of money and they probably have some to burn or it escheats. It will be a Garoppolo type deal. Huge cap hit this year, smaller one next. No pain to cut, but bargain to keep.

Fans, now, have super low expectations.

Not the worst position for the Colts to be in.

I think they are in a terrible position. They had Captain Superman at QB and he made the entire team and coaching staff look better than it was. The GM tripled down on betting on this happening again, having all of the money in the world but simply stashing $50M+ in the bank. Andrew Luck was going to carry the team to another double digit win season and the playoffs, and he was going to look like a frickin genius. Now its too late to go back and correct a mistake he never should have made to begin with.

I predict removing Luck from the Colts is going to be kind of like removing Rodgers from the Packers. The parts and pieces put into place simply do not work or make sense without him. Brisett is okay, but he’s going to get the brunt of the blame for an inferior team that the GM put on the field.

It’s on Frank Reich now, we’ll see how good of a coach he is. If he can make it work with Brissett, I’ll be impressed.

We would have to crown his ass - to quote Denny Green.

I mean next year.

Luck hasn’t been all that reliable for a few years. They get a pass this year to build for next.