QB of the Future!

Is already here, on our practice squad. He’s got wheels, he can throw, he’s everything Dan Campbell likes in a QB… he’s Steven Montez!

I’m being somewhat facetious, but, you never know! That shovel pass for a TD in the Colorado highlights was pretty slick! He also looks to have a pretty good arm and makes some nice throws, both in college and in the preseason highlights

With this dude Montez in the fold, we are most definitely going to win the preseason championship once again in 2022.


He’s got a lot of physical talent (was a terrific Basketball player in HS) but he makes way too many bone headed plays.


Right on. By boneheaded mistakes what do you mean? I’ve never seen him play just those highlights, what kind of dumb mistakes does he make?

In general trying to do too much rather than letting the game come to him.

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Nice to win in preseason again at this point

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