QB throws charted


The google doc linked in this tweet is freaking awesome


Very interesting data! This seems to favor Stroud much more than I would have thought. Hooker looks like a #2 overall for consistency and accuracy, that said, his play it safe % is high so it should be.

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And it verifies what I’ve heard from others (Dan O., Ben Solek, Brett Whittfield, etc) that when you chart ARe throws the accuracy issue, while still present, seems to be overblown.

Stroud when given a clean pocket is the most accurate QB prospect that I can remember. Total surgeon in those scenarios.


I wouldnt be mad if they took Hooker st 18. He has a ton of talent and these numbers are pretty good.

That said, put a guy like Stroud behind a line like Detroit’s and watch the magic happen.

AR still in the red in both True and Adjusted accuracy. Interesting the big disparity between play action accuracy and out of pocket accuracy

I suspected one of his more desirable traits would have been converting broken plays or rollouts

It pretty much verifies what I remember from watching him. The most noticeable issues with accuracy were either off script or on short passes.

The other thing I found interesting is that for all of the talk of Stroud struggling when pressure he had the highest accuracy % in that scenario.


More and more it seems to me that if not for helmet scouting Stroud would be the easy first overall pick.


What is telling to me is that his deep ball is where he is best. Deep balls are a relatively easy throw in the sense that there is a lot more radius and time window compared to a crosser over the middle between the safety and linebacker.

A lot of running QBs excel at the combo of running and deep passing. The safeties get sucked up and makes deep throws single read.

If the Lions ultimately want to go running QB, they’re going to need to get 2 and adjust the offense for it.


Great find @CuriousHusker !
Thanks for sharing my man!!


Not so sure. I’ve heard a lot of former QBs on broadcasts talk about deep passing being innate. That a knack for trajectory, timing and throwing power is hard to teach. Not sure if that’s true or not.

As to why he’s more accurate it my take from watching him is that he tends to be more careful with his footwork on his big boy throws. He gets way too sloppy with the feet on the bunnies.

If we’re going QB I’d definitely prefer Stroud. I never thought he was a possibility to be honest. Still struggle thinking he will be but if so he’d be tough to pass on.

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