What about David Sills when he’s cut? He was the country’s top HS QB when he was 14. He’s proven to be serviceable at WR in the NFL. We may be able to roster him as a QB (which would be the key to this strategy). If so he can then be inactive but on the 53 and elevated but also be able to be elevated to play WR if we have injuries. If you’re down to QB3 you’re probably screwed anyways. At least he can throw the ball well (I presume).

He has 13 catches in 4 years in the NFL.

He really only played in 2022. Serviceable may be an understatement but he was at least produced some when he got run.

My point was more so that if we really want to take advantage of the 3rd QB rule then maybe we can get around the rule and add a little depth to another position.

But perhaps it makes more sense to do the opposite. Get a D’Eriq King type and get him gadget packages, etc.

Or just carry two QBs :joy:

Way better than Jamo :wink:


Maybe Jamo can throw the ball. There’s always Tom Kennedy.

I know what you were trying to do. I just don’t see how Sills is the answer to what you are asking for. The Giants were starving for WR talent and Sills still couldn’t become serviceable. Last year he had the same number of catches as Shane Zylstra.

And just to be clear on the 3rd QB rule, that guy can only play as the 3rd QB. Once he comes in, the other QBs are ineligible.

I get that. I just thought that it was a way to squeeze out 53.5 roster spots. Probably makes the most sense to do it with a Taysom Hill type. Although with the new rules allowing you to protect certain PS players perhaps that renders the approach pointless.

Kalif Raymond had 20 catches through 5 years in the NFL.

Not that you’re not making a good point, I just wanted to give props to Holmes and Raymond for what we’ve seen since he became a Lion.

As to Sills, we already have Montgomery and Moseley who played QB in high school. At the end of the day, if it ever comes down to a non-pro QB playing the position we’re screwed anyway, so there’s very little point in giving this guy a roster spot when the best he has to offer is his ability to play emergency QB.