Question for Debate:

Does Julian Edelman deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? It deserves its own topic.

I say no. Numbers, Pro-Bowl and All-Pros don’t justify it!

No, I don’t believe he does either. He played a key role on some championship teams but was nowhere near the driving force. Only offensive players from the Brady teams that should make the HOF are Brady, Gronk and Moss.

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Great take. I agree.

No. The dude has less than 40 TD’s in his entire career, that’s just not close to hall of fame material. For comparison, both Nate Burleson and Marvin Jones have more career TD’s than Edelman, Jones has 15 more and Nate has 3 more. Neither of them are getting anywhere close to the hall of fame.

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Interesting question.

1st player that came for me when thinking about the championships versus statistical production was Troy Aikman.

Aikman won 3 Super Bowls… with the help of the best rushing offense in the NFL.
He had the best O-line in NFL and a Pro Bowl RB. The WR/TE unit was top notch as well.

Aikman made the Pro Bowl 6 times… yet finished in top 10 passing yards in only 4 years of his 11 year career.

In 1991… Aikman made the Pro Bowl with 11 TDs and 10 INTs (NFC QBs were terrible in '91)
In 1994… he made Pro Bowl with 13 TDs and 12 INTs.
And 1996… made Pro Bowl with 12 TDs and 13 INTs.

In 165 career games… he had 165 TDs and 141 INTs.

In 11 seasons… Aikman had only 5 seasons with more than 3000 yards (his best was 3445 yards).

Elway had 3000 yards in 12 of his 16 years… surpassing 3445 yards 7 times.

Steve Young had 6 years over 3000 yards from 91-98… and would have made 3000 in the other 2 years if he had not missed 4+ games in those years. In 169 games… he had 232 TDs and 107 INTs.

Favre? Even looking at only his 1st 10 years in Green Bay, Favre had 3000+ yards every year… and beat Aikman’s best of 3445 yards in 8 years… including 2 years over 4000 yards.
In 159 games from 92-01… Favre had 287 TDs and 170 INTs.

Cowboys also had the #1 ranked defense in '92, #2 ranked in '93, #3 in '94, and #3 in '95.

I realize that QBs get more of the credit for playoff success… but I have always thought it was ridiculous how much credit Aikman got for winning Super Bowls on a completely loaded team.


Yes, but Aikman finished 46th in passing yards. Adelman finished 156th in receiving yards. Adelman should go away and just be happy with his Super Bowl rings.

I don’t think Edelman cares, so it’s interesting people are throwing shade at him. Lots of hate by a certain group of sports talk guys.
If he was pounding the table, drew pearson style, then it might be worth discussing. He’s not.

About as much as Harold Baines does, so watch out…

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I’m not saying Edelman should be in the Hall of Fame.
But… he is 2nd all-time both in postseason receptions and receiving yards.
That is pretty impressive for a slot WR.

Welker seems more likely to get the nod for the Hall of Fame with over 900 catches and over 9000 yards… but interesting since he was in the Super Bowl 3 times… with 3 losses. :thinking:

People think he should get in because of his rings and the fact he was a Super Bowl MVP.

Hines Ward was a Super Bowl MVP and I don’t think Ward has even been close to making the HOF.

I think there’s a bunch of receivers who should get in before him and they won’t.

The funniest thing about Aikman was that he played exactly 16 postseason games (including Super Bowls of course). You could make a case that the stats from those 16 games are his best “season” statistically. But the postseason is all “good teams” or at least there aren’t duds in there to run up your stat sheet with. So Aikman literally stepped his game up in the postseason.

Aikman’s biggest strength was his accuracy and ability to be efficient with less opportunity. He wasn’t able to rack up big numbers thru high volume passing.

Is this a thing?
Does Brett Periman deserve to be in the HOF?

Oh. It’s a postseason thing.
Ok, some do value that, for good reason.
I mean, is it Brett Perriman’s fault he only played for garbage franchises?
No no no.

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