Question for posters no need to put names in responce

If in Free Agency would you want lets say a 20-22 mill edge starter for 4 to 5 years Or take the 20-22 mil an get two starters lets say a OG an CB for same time period. One could even be cheaper Edge I just picked positions.

Whatever Brad thinks.


One day you will fall off that fence unless its stuck some place the sun never shines LOL

I mean, to @LionFrog point, Brad has proven this futile exercise. But i would say i would prefer two smaller deals with guys who are going into their second contract and be here 4-5 years. Think Glover Quinn if you will. Perhaps not players or money that makes you go oh wow, but pieces that make us better and dont financially strap us.


Give me:

  1. A Chiefs Super Bowl loss
  2. A public breakup between Kelce/Swift
  3. A banger summer hit from Taylor Swift called “losing two rings”
  4. Sign Chris Jones 5 year contract (2 void) $28.7 million a year
  5. Sign Sean Murphy-Bunting (former Chippewas CB)
  6. Villain Holmes trades up on draft day for ________ blue chip talent (12-15 pick)

#3 is a work of art

For the OP, if it’s a Maxx Crosby, put me down for the big contract. Short of that elite player, yes, I’d rather fill 2 spots reliably. I just don’t want an overpriced declining player like Ngata was here.


Then she starts banging LaPorta. Guaranteed super bowl :joy:


I’ll take the CB and Guard combo for the same price and try to find/deveop an Edge in house. Making the offensive line even deadlier than it is now? Shoring up a huge weakness on the defense? We’re already a Super Bowl caliber team, enhancing two pieces spreads the risk of going back to square one if there’s an injury.

If an edge rusher is worth $22M his team would have paid it. So no, I would not want an expensive edge rusher. Its easily one of the most overpaid positions in free agency.

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If he’s a lineman, and he’s a can’t miss (Crosby, Jones, etc), give me the one guy.
But yeah, let the villain do his thing.

I anticipate Brad taking the Oprah approach.

Give me Hunter. Him and Hutch will wreak havoc on QBs, making it easier to have lesser players at DB

The guy is a comic book character.

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