Question on PS Vue

We currently subscribe to and tbh enjoy it. However, PS Vue offers the nfl network and a few other channels we are interested in as well. I have a couple of questions for any PS Vue users on the board.

I am in FL 2-3 weeks out of the month and the youtube tv travels well, flipping to the local channels in whatever market I am in. Will the PS Vue travel with me as easily as does?

We have 6 people in our household plus my daughter and her husband in FL who utilize our subscription. Will PS Vue allow them to utilize our subscription, even though we are in GA and they are in FL?

PS Vue travels ok, but you can only use it in one location. i.e. if your in FL, you can use playstation vue, but the household in GA will not (at least that’s what I was told by support before I signed up for subscription). I’m not positive, but I think they said the vue can only be used in one zip code at a time, so if your daughter lived in the same zip code in FL as you are in when you travel to fl, you could both use it (memory issue).

I use it when I go camping, but when I do, no one is at home to use the subscription. Also, the package comes with three streams (but you can buy more, not sure how much, I’ve been locked out on one device when I left the vue on in a different room). It works great for what I need, but might not work well for you.

Hope that helps.

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It does. Sounds like we will pass on this