Question: The timeout whoopsy

So, after the botched First Down by calling a timeout. We faced 3rd and 5…and instead of running the ball to keep the clock running, we called this…an empty backfield with everyone running Go routes!!! I mean, WTF was that!!!
With 2:47 seconds left on the game clock, we throw an incomplete pass from our 48 yard line?

It’s at the 8:20 mark on the video.

I didn’t understand this one either. Getting in Prater range would have been perfect.

Not just that but keeping the clock running. I don’t recall how many timeouts the Cards had at that point but making them use another timeout or running the clock down and taking a 5-yard delay of game penalty would have been huge at this point.

So what is the question about the timeout whoopsy?

I wanted Schwartz back.
Even more, today.


That left the Cards with 2:42 left on the clock and down by 8 points instead of them getting the ball back with 40 seconds less on the clock, probably at the 2 minute warning at their own 35 yard line.
The Cards scored their tying TD with 44 seconds left.

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That entire sequence with the time out gaffe is just mind-boggling. I agree 100% that we should have run some type of running play at that time once the timeout was called taking away the first down that virtually ends the game at that point. And just a reminder Arizona had used all of their timeouts already! They had no timeouts remaining so they couldn’t stop the clock.

Maybe the Lions were going for the kill as some had suggested we do.

My question was why would you call a play with all Go routes on 3rd and 5 when you should be keeping the clock running? Trying to throw a 30 yard pass when you only need 5 yards and/or to keep the clock running.
That’s a huge f-up by Bevell IMO.


I wasn’t happy with the long pass either. You would think something 10 -15 yards would have been a higher percentage play.
They had been stuffing the rum most of the night on us and I think they should have tried for a first down.
The timeout made me mad too, because it looked like it was a sure first down and maybe a big gainer.
But after thinking about it, nobody knew that.
If it had been a pick six called back by that TO, Bevel would be a genius today.
There will be discussions over that situation this week.

Yea, I found that odd too. I think, as you say that you either run a short high% pass or a run there.
Only thing I can come up with is that after tipping their had on the TO F’up with the short pass maybe they thought they would fool the defense doing the unexpected and taking a deep shot. But honestly it was just weird, even when the ball landed kind of short and between two guys. Everything about the play after the timeout whoopsy was weird


Stafford would have been better-off taking the sack there or take-off running, just keep the f-ing clock running, at all cost. Bad playcall, bad decision by Stafford, bad everything on that play.

Honestly, when I seen all the WR’s run straight down the field, I thought it was a designed QB draw…and thought ok, not something we’ve seen much of with Stafford but something Bevell would run with Wilson in Seatlle…and then Stafford just chucks the ball up in the air 30 yards to hit the dirt.

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I totally agree. I was miffed when I saw us line up for that play. Fucking run the ball. Especially after we show the defense we were willing to pass

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I thought the same thing. Why not stop the clock?

Right? Dumbest play call ever.

It felt a lot like that play to Pettigrew in Dallas. Even came up short like that one. Oh, and the f’d up punt.

I think Stafford takes off rolling right, he might have run for the 1st. Everyone was cleared out.


I was disappointed that we didn’t feature Hock in more 3rd down situations. That kid is special. He’s ready for it now. Stafford has never had a TE like this. Could be interesting.


The “whoopsy timeout” is the play that lost that game for us. You could see and feel it.
I guarantee you Stafford wasn’t the only one that was pissed!

I think we were keeping Hock in to help Decker

He did stay in.

Too bad, because he could have released and been wide open screen pass style.

Good god, what a f-d up play.

Especially after a time out

Who was Martin mad at on the next play with the blocked punt? I watched the replay several times and couldn’t figure it out.

That play they came out with after the TO, I am not sure why someone didn’t at least curl around or something.