Quinn and Patricia don't agree

Not sure if this is accurate or not

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Seems like there’d have to be a leak pretty high up for this information to get out… I doubt there’s any merit to the report.

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That’s my thought too but found it interesting anyway

Interesting. I doubt is is legit but for fun let’s go with it.

If I’m Quinn, I give Patricia the player he wants rather than the guy I like slightly more.

My question is, how the hell does he know that? Might be true, might not but if somebody is leaking insider stuff then they need to find out who it is and fire the guy.

Because this front office leaks like a sieve…I am calling Bullshit on this one.

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crazy…not. it can and could happen absolutely !! did it? nobody knows , glad that’s breaking news…

Good find regardless.

About the author/reporter:

Jonathan Jones joined CBS Sports in November 2019 as a senior NFL reporter and insider. A proud University of North Carolina graduate, he previously covered the Carolina Panthers for the Charlotte Observer before becoming a national NFL writer at Sports Illustrated.

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If true, I’m breaking out the polygraph. But I think not. Writers gonna to write.

I agree an just look at the difference’s here in den about who they should pick an we have no pressure about it being are job.
They can differ you want everyone to nod yes every time Quinn or any scout had a Idea or MP.
Its a group talking not a group of bobble heads ( at least I hope )

People have been locked in homes for 2 Months …Jonathon Jones has a Wire Tap …Jones is a new breaker .

It must be so cool to have a gig when you can write anything and not have a shred of evidence to back up what you say …My favorite in all of the stories is the key word that removes all accountability …COULD…They Could .

We could get 5 -10 inches of snow …great . This much or maybe double the amount. :+1:

I struggle to believe they are not on the same page


Can’t wait for the BS to be over

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So, they might have certain concerns about each others thoughts on what is the most dire. But I’m certain they’ll reach a compromise and select a player nobody saw coming.

Quinn to MP I think Brown is fast for a DT but the CB is tall for CB’s.

MP Brown is fast but the CB is faster an we have a Tall CB who is not as fast as the CB in the draft.

Reporter Quinn an MP don’t agree Breaking News ( we see that 100 times a day) twist an breaking news