Quinton Dunbar to Visit

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports free agent CB Quinton Dunbar will visit the Lions and Cardinals next week.

Headed into his age-29 campaign, Dunbar’s 2020 with Seattle was rocked by arm robbery charges and knee surgery. Dunbar ended up not being prosecuted in the robbery case, though his health is unclear after December surgery. Dunbar is a quality starter when everything else is equal.

He had a few quality years in Washington, with one very high end year where he was a top 3 CB in PFF ratings. Had some legal issues last year, but if that is all resolved he would be one hell of an upside signing.

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While players like Troy Hill and Mike Hilton have limitations in what they can do at the cornerback position, Quinton Dunbar has legitimate No. 1 corner upside. Yet, he has a very small sample size of playing at that level, with significantly more up-and-down play and a lot of missed time.

Critically, the one season in which Dunbar posted elite-level play was also the one in which he played more than 400 snaps (2019). That year, Dunbar allowed just a 56.9 passer rating into his coverage, picking off four passes and notching four pass breakups on his way to an 89.5 PFF coverage grade.

He dealt with legal issues and then injuries this season, his first in Seattle, and wound up with the worst PFF grade of his career by some distance despite a scheme that should have been an ideal fit for his skill set. Dunbar will still be only 29 years old by the time next season rolls around, and he would represent a classic case of buying low on a player with significantly more upside than might be obvious.

Interesting after hearing the DC/BH interview yesterday. Holmes speaking specifically on character - where you hear one thing, but you investigate thoroughly and come away with a totally different opinion. Then DC speaking about looking for people who’ve perhaps been overlooked for one reason or another and are hungry to prove people wrong. Then he went on to expand on that saying players who come here may fit and want to stay on with a new deal, or no hard feelings if they command big money elsewhere. But that they may have a better chance to show their skills here than more established teams. That is a very honest and player focused approach.

What impressed me even more is that DC went another level deeper saying even if you only get that player for a year, if they are that right character / culture fit and they spend that year passing on that knowledge to the young core players and draft picks, then it’s worth it. I admit, I’ve never really thought about that angle with “mercenary” players.

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Dan Campbell: “We don’t want any turds”

Also Dan Campbell: Signs a player who literally committed armed robbery

I get the charges were dropped and that we haven’t actually signed him. It’s a joke.

San Quentin Dunbar

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eh ironical huh?

Why don’t you wait till we sign him before you begin your rant . Turds are guys that just want the money an don’t care if they sit on the bench.
Turds are just about the $$$$
He as i understand it ,the charges were dropped. So is he in your eyes still guilty?
Who knows if we sign him but he has no record an the league has not suspended him. I know there are few who will have shortened season sitting out games.

I may be wrong but before the Matt trade you wanted the problem QB from Houston. Now he has problems but innocent so far is he different than this CB who had charges dropped.

The NFL has more than a few players who have had charges dropped while in school an in NFL. I recall a RB who KOed his girl in a elevator on tape an some wanted him. Just saying no charges why would he be bad if the staff approves?


I actually like this potential move. 1 year 1.75m. Save those magic beans.

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Dude, it was a joke. A meme, if you will. People rant on here, a lot. That’s not what that was.

If the staff approves then I have no problems with it whatsoever. I was very aware that the charges were dropped. See my disclaimer above.

San or Sans Quentin Dunbar?

I would be okay with this. Push AO and Okudah, maybe steal a starting job? One year deal? Could be very smart. #4 CB with experience…better than Roberts as a #4.

Did you just offer me a sans which?

Well played, well played…

He is in town today according to his Instagram

Was there any mention of massage therapists?