Quiston does a running back make a o.line. or a o.line make a running back?

I think a o.line makes the running back but a great running back makes a average o.line great.

neither IMO, to me the are responsible to do their jobs, the O-line can help or aid or support the RB’s by RUN blocking.
The RB’s help the line by not being hesitant, indecisive, slow to take advantage of the help.

BUT the two lines/units are different and do different things and have their own set of responsibilities at the same time.

I say both. A good RB makes an OL better and a good OL makes an RB better.


On a related topic, the frequently stated, “If only Barry Sanders had an offensive line that was worth a damn” was pure crap.

Sanders had a good line, that was adept at the exact kind of blocking scheme necessary for a back like Sanders. Where run-blocking was almost like pass-blocking.


Scheme and designed run plays, as does running from shotgun sets or from under center sets …
The scheme has to fit the players both on the O-line and with the talents of the RB’s you roster… Emmitt would not have been Emmitt running it Mike Martz Offense with the Rams as Faulk would not have been Faulk running with the offense in Dallas …Talented RB’s regardless …it’s the match you make when everything is a perfect fit that makes it special.

Depends on the O-Line and depends on the running back. Barry would’ve been great behind any line. The early 90s Cowboys O-Line probably could’ve helped any decent running back excel.

Can’t it be both? Dallas took a good rb in two different eras and made them two of the best during their period of time. Barry made the lions line look half decent. I would lean more towards a line making a running back look better unless it is a special talent.

The ‘91 division champion line was very good before losing Utley and Andolsek.


well said.

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Truth…I was a young punk, don’t really remember the loss of Utley, my pops always refers to us as the single most franchise altering injury he ever saw…


A great oline can make RB’s look better. A great RB can make Olines look better, but a really good RB behind a shit oline (See Kevin Jones career) won’t go very far. I think both our oline and our RBs are decent and so is our running game when everyone was healthy. But our depth was trash and so was our running game when the starters were out. So this year, I’m totally up for a RB in rounds 2 or 3. We also could use another starting olineman, though that may be unlikely at this point even with a fairly high pick (barring a first rounder). Say we TD and end up with some extra picks in the 2nd and or 3rd round. Then maybe we get one of the best OG’s and then a Taylor or CEH to round out our RB position. I think it would make a lot of sense. Would I consider trading one of those seconds for Scherff? Or maybe a 3rd for Thuney? Yes. I know it would be big money, but it would also yield high results which may be a smart thing if we are relying on Big V at RT.