Ragnow No. 1 run blocking C; No. 2 overall per PFF

Ragnow is the No. 1 run-blocking center in the game, per PFF, and the No. 2 player at the position overall.

Throw in Graham Glasgow (eighth among all guards, per PFF) and Dahl (11th), and the interior play has been strong across the board despite each player lining up at a new position this season. They’ve allowed a combined four QB hits and no sacks in three games.

Interesting. Wonder why the running game has been so bad then??


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Well the eagles do have an excellent run defense and no one has faced more 8 man boxes then Detroit and KJ, so it will all get balanced out over time I believe.

Shout out to Ragnow, welcome Vthe Lamb.


sorry…got caught up in the moment.

Eagles are stout even undermanned…

That said, if I was GB late and DA out I go Aaron Jones 5 times on their 2 final possessions inside the 3 yard line.

Their play calling was pretty bad towards the end. Not the individual plays themselves, but to not run the ball even once was bonkers.

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Run vs pass isn’t really what I’m super concerned with. Each team has to decide on its own how to approach that. But what stood out to me is that in key goalline possessions, they didn’t seem to really have a “plan.” With the better coaches in the league, they get into those scenario’s and they dial up some “money plays.” Green Bay seemed to just run plays off of their sheet, not something they studied and practiced and reserved for that situation.

I just think its promising (for us) that Matt LeFluer didn’t seem to do that. I mean, even Joe frickin Lombardi with Caldwell’s direction had some money plays. Remember the game winner vs the Saints where Corey Fuller caught the touchdown? After the game he said they ran that 1,000 times in practice for that type of scenario.