Rakestraw Was Gonna Be A Lion…

The lions were definitely talking with the commanders about a trade down situation. The Lions would’ve picked up an extra 4th rounder or pick next year and still got the guy they were hoping with fall to them. My best guest is that it was both the Missouri players, Robinson and Rakestraw or Zach Frazier. With Robinson gone, The Lions said that Rakestraw was there second highest corner on their board, and they would have taken him there. To their amazement, he fell all the way down to them at the end of the second round.

It’s always funny to me how drafts could’ve drastically taken a different turn with what you did or did not do. They absolutely made the correct decision by trading up.


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Poe tay to Poe tah to

Rackstraw Rickshaw





I actually think they might have been the culprits behind driving our price up with Dallas. Everyone knew the Packers liked Morgan (hell @frm710 took him for them in the 1st round of the Den mock), they had to be talking to teams ahead of them as well. Of course Dallas and Washington are in the same division so maybe that makes the trade more difficult, but Dallas traded with Philly on draft day a couple of years ago.

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I will say that for all the talk about Holmes.

This draft will definitely be looked at if neither of these guys works out. I mean these were supposedly the top 2 guys the Lions had ranked at CB…

On the other hand if it works out it will only feed into his legend.

Rakestraw might end up being better than Arnold!


We all know that if we stuck to our original pick, rejected a trade down, and nabbed Rakestraw at 29, some here would have still complained. “He would have been there at 61” or “He was my 6th highest rated corner and we reached” etc., etc., etc.

We walked away with two of the best corners, had plans to grab at least 1 high level prospect regardless, and now our DB competition will be a “bloodbath” according to Brad. Weakness that got us within sniffing distance of the Super Bowl last year is now an undeniable strength…on paper.


I like Rakestraw, but, that would shock me.

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Have you ever watched the documentary on the 83 draft? The almost trades that happened were wild. It would have completely changed the entire landscape of the nfl.