Rams to place star WR Cooper Kupp on IR due to hamstring, per reports

McVay and Stafford alone are worth 4 or 5 games…

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Once again, fans of a franchise that have literally never won anything of merit critical of a franchise that just won a Super Bowl.

File under shit I’ll never understand.

The vitriol or clowning of a former Lion for being successful elsewhere just reeks of bitter resent.

Be better, ya’ll.


Except when he got traded to LA.


Cooper Kupp is a former Lion? News to me.


Silly me.

I thought this topic came up because Stafford is their quarterback.

I mean this is fun! And some of the critism is fair to a extent. But I never understood why some fans ignore the success of say a McVay or Snead and now all of the sudden we dont know how to build a team. My Rams wont be good. I know that. But acting like we are the Texans or Cardinals I think is a push. Time will tell.

You misread the thread. It happens to all of us.

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Skill position roster

Van Jefferson
Ben Skowronek?
Literally no one knows
That guys above’s brother
That guy’s cousin

Tyler Higbee.

Cam Akers
Not Sony Michel
Not Lawrence McCutcheon.

Obama Whatever GIF

When sparring with other fanbases, Lions fans have long brought hope to a success fight.

No one knew St.Brown or Kerby or Comminsky at one time either. This may sound crazy…but we have developed players before.

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This. Most franchises develop players.

The Lions finally caught up after 50 years.

Yeah, well. There is the ring thingy, but, that’s one year in his entire career.

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I’m curious…. How many players have been “developed” that were drafted in round 5 or later??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t worry, this year will be different!

Last 5 years or so…
Sebastián Joseph Day
Jordan Fuller
Nick Scott
David Edwards
Ben Skowronek

We have Earnest Brown starting this year, so we’ll see on him. Archum might start as well.

Obviously, these guys aren’t pro-bowlers but Edwards was a fine starting guard on our Superbowl team. And Joseph Day has been a really good football player. Fuller has shown flashes and been good when healthy.

I am seeing double digit wins with that lineup.

Well half those guys play on different teams. So you might be right :wink:

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Looks like a bunch of role players….
there are zero difference makers there.

The Rams are a shell of the team thry had 2 years ago.

Umm Joseph Day is one of the best NT’s in the league. Edwards was a well above average Guard before concussions ended his career. I could go on but some people choose to believe what they want over reality.

My Rams have been to two Superbowls in the last few years. I get why you call yourself Phunnypharm. Because your nonsense is hilarious :rofl:

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Are you betting he will or won’t?

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