Randel El addresses-Jameson-Williams-drop-issues



It sounds like Randle El was saying that it isn’t a matter of focus. Its a matter of practicing to catch specific passes in very specific ways that are different but more optimal. So Jamo is working thru it just like anyone learning to do something different.

I betif we pulled up film of Jamarr Chase, alot of what Randle El is teaching is what Chase does. Alot of his catches are textbook elite catching skills.


You raise a good point about Chase. He got all kinds of bad press for dropped balls, then the problem went away and you never heard about it again.


I remember when people freaked out when Chase dropped some balls in the preseason of his rookie year. They were all just a little timing issue…. and a bit of business decision… but a nothing burger in the big picture.

Jamo was catching balls in stride at full speed at Alabama… I’m not worried about about his hands.


I dont know how anyone drops a ball after wearing those WR gloves…very tacky and a bit oversized, yet very effective.

Just Like Me!

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Good point, if you can’t catch these days with those modern gloves, a player really can’t catch at all.

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