Ranking NFC teams that could ruin Eagles Super Bowl return. Why they want to avoid this foe

Author thinks Dallas and SF are greater threats to the Eagles than the Lions, but also has an interesting note:

To demonstrate how vulnerable the Eagles are, they have a point differential of plus-61. The Cowboys (127), 49ers (122) and Baltimore Ravens (127) have more than doubled that. The Bills are at 104.

The Lions are plus-43, but have an opportunity tomorrow to catch up to the Eagles. :crazy_face:

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Point blank- the eagles aren’t getting to this year’s SB.
I don’t necessarily think Lions are either

this is part of the reason te eagles are barely in the top 10 according to DVOA.

The Eagles pass every single eye test.

The moment you doubt Hurts, he drops dimes.

The moment you question their defense, they swarm the offense like they have 20 men on the field.

That team is built to win. And it’s pretty incredible to watch.

For my part, I think they’d rip Purdy limb from limb.


Thank you for reminding me about Hurts because you are 100% right. I always default to him not being able to beat teams with Arm but he does it.

I think Lions would be better suited against Niners. I think Dan and Hurts are more equipped to throw all over us.

With Niners, if we stop run we might have a chance but their D could ruin Goffs day too

Purdy has a Burrow-level spine. The point differential is worthy of consideration, both for the Eagles and the Lions. Here’s everyone on the plus side of zero:

If I was forced to pick this year’s Superbowl matchup, it’s definitely San Fran vs Baltimore.
We’re going to get a taste of the NFC championship game this weekend, with San Fran visiting Philly. Even if Philly wins this weekend, I’d expect to still favor SF reaching the SB. Maybe they’ll persuade me otherwise.

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Philly has some really soft wins. They could easily have a handful of losses. I mean, credit where due they pulled them out. But when healthy I think SF is the better squad.

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Eagles made it the SB last year and are just getting through the regular season for another chance at a Ring. For me they are the best team in the NFL and they have the record to prove it.

We love to give AG a hard time. Which is often fair criticism. So with that said I will also point out the Eagles high powered defense giving up 30 plus points 3 times the past 8 games. They have had some issues too

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Tied with LAC for 2nd most point surrendered here is not goin to get it done. So either Brad has to stack the cupboard with additional talent or AG has got to be replaced. Yes, we’ve turned the ball over too much. But that can easily be seen a function of constant pressing to score enough points to bail out a defense that can’t stop anyone. Ravens, Bears and Packers all marched straight down the field on their opening drives and punched it in the end zone. That creates an urgency that’s not the best for our preferred style of offense. We can score with the best of them. And if the D had held up like it was trending last year, it’d be good enough. But we’ve regressed badly and now something has to change.