Ranking top 20 interior linemen in 2024: Zack Martin unseated as top guard,


Completely forgot about Zeitler, thanks for the post.

Surprisingly high at No. 5 overall–a great “get” for Holmes & Co.


“The Lions may have the best offensive line in the NFL…”

for about 3 snaps per season

We let our starting guard go via free agency, and while he isn’t even on this list, he signs for a gazillion dollars.

Then we bring in the #5 guy on this list for a song and dance.

Holmes really is the best.


Holmes gets into Hall Of Fame for both acquisition & handsomeness

Hey now… we were pretty lucky last year. Jonah missed 5 or 6 games… but the other 4 starters played over 90 percent of the snaps.

Unfortunately it’s football… very rare for all 5 olinemen to stay healthy all year… depth is so important cause they will likely be needed

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