Rapoport: Likely Kerryon Johnson suffered a sprain

Could have been worse. MRI tomorrow will confirm.


Thank God! Keeping my fingers crossed.


I’m assuming this means he’s out for Thursday’s game …

Ya, I agree. I’d just be thankful if it’s something that wont impact next season.

Thank god!! Was so worried it was an ACL with the way he reacted.

That’s Great News!

Booooooo …


It stinks to not have him out there. Kerryon should rest his knee until it feels right again. We’ll need him healthy for the stretch run to a playoff spot.*

*2019 season

Turns out I haven’t figured out the quotation feature on the new platform. Womp womp.

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I remember in 2015 Decker from the Jets sprained his PCL. He only missed one game and stat-wise anyway, didn’t seem to be any less effective. If it’s a grade 1 sprain the PCL heals pretty quick - from what I read anyway