Rapoport: Matthew Stafford would have wanted to stay with the Lions if Darrell Bevell was the coach

Rapoport is not a liar and I usually trust his sources


Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady don’t get to dictate these kinds of moves with their teams. But Stafford earned that right?


Justin Rogers is disputing this rumor…


True or not. I’m very pleased we are moving forward as a franchise for once. Making Bev the head coach would have been SOL all over again.


You do know that it is just an opinion piece and not a source piece. It says so at the end of the article.


Yeah it’s is opinion but he does have sources

“I know this is something Stafford has been considering and his wife has been considering for some time, potentially leaving Detroit and starting somewhere new,” Rapoport said.

His wife being one of the reasons he wants out would not surprise me at all. Either way, both Stafford and the Lions need a change. 12 years is 12 years.


This is in direct contrast with this source:
“Matthew Stafford approached the Detroit Lions requested a trade after the season finale, according to a league source.”

AND (from the same story):
“Stafford’s trade proposal occurred before the hiring of new general manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell. Both Holmes and Campbell were informed during the interview process a trade was possible, and Stafford conducted a call with both men after they were hired in the last week. All parties agreed to pursue the trade.”

If it is the case that Stafford made his opinion known at the end of the season that was before Bevell had even interviewed. Bevell interviewed around the 7th of January or so. The season finale was January 3rd. Did Stafford tell the club at or around the same time it was Bevell or I am leaving? That seems unlikely with that tight window.

I think Stafford told the team quickly he wanted out and I don’t believe Bevell was the coach that was going to keep him in Detroit. If Stafford mentioned that he will only stay if Bevell is in place I think the Lions did the right thing in allowing Matt to leave.


Guess he and Bevell should have won more ball games then.


I guess it’s not a huge leap from “didn’t want to start yet another new offense with his ten thousandth OC since he’s been here” to “might’ve stayed if Bevell had been retained,” but I suspect something got lost there in translation.


12 years is 12 years is right.

Man I liked Bevell, but yeah, keeping him around would’ve been SOL.

Cleaning house and now we got coaches who could probably still step in and play a few downs in a pinch.

Do it right or don’t do it at all. It’s the end of the Stafford regime.

Onward and upward!

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This Rapaport report is false. Justin Rogers says it isn’t true at all, and the initial trade reports also said nothing like this. Stafford asked for a trade well before the coach choice.

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Well he sure is wrong a lot.

He must have some bad sources.


Bevell went to Jacksonville, I doubt this will happen but what if the Jags give us #1 overall for Stafford?

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Here’s more info speculating the reason of Stafford’s departure. Until Stafford, states what exactly happened, to me it’s all speculation.

There no chance this is happening wish people would stop bringing it up. To trade up to 1 for Lawrence it’d require 3 1sts minimum. We have to give Stafford, the #7 and at least another #1. Not happening.

This may not be a popular opinion but if it took Stafford, this year’s first and next to get Lawrence…I would pull that trigger quickly.

If Holmes is really good at finding talent throughout the draft then I would want to take a generational QB talent and role with no first rounder next year.

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I was thinking that too. Urban Meyer might not want a rookie QB.

I was wondering if Stafford made this decision before or after Campbell was hired. And by Stafford, I’m referring to Mrs. Stafford.

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I would not! Currently, we have 5 draft picks and the team is shitty! The rebuild isn’t happening over night so we need more draft assets. I’m hoping we can get at least a 1st and 2nd rd pick from Stafford. Fields Zach Wilson maybe there @ 7 as well

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