Ravens get Ingram

There goes my #2 RB hope.

I think they’ll draft their RB2 at some point, and use what cap space they have left on an LB or CB2.

Well we resigned Zenner :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Zenner had more yards per carry than Ingram last year, and he’s younger.
They’ll draft an RB3 in hopes that he’ll be ready to become RB2 next year.

Zenner’s YPC Avg. will go up by at least 1.2 YPC under Bevell.

6 yards per carry? Nice dream. I’ll be thrilled with another 4.8 season.

I was hoping for Ingram, but, oh well, next man up. I like TJ Yeldon as the back up plan.

Details are 3 years, 15 million. Earl Thomas, who is also going to the Ravens, is getting a 4 year, 55 million contract.