Ravens signed Odell

Team Cap Space: $6,130,768 thats what it is now for Ravens an they show the cap is so crazy he signed for one-year contract worth “up to” $18 million with $15 million in guarantees.
More than right now the space they have. So now they need to find cap for draft an pay most of his signing .

So when posters say Lions can sign anyone they can.


…doesn’t mean it’s the smart route.
Holmes will gt it right for us, man.
Nooooo worries.


That seems really high.


Ian Rapoport

Ravens signed Odell Beckham Jr., formerly of the Rams, to a one-year contract worth “up to” $18 million with $15 million in guarantees.

Sources: The #Ravens are giving WR Odell Beckham Jr. a 1-year deal worth up to $18M, per me, @MikeGarafolo and @TomPelissero. A weapon for Baltimore’s QB.

That help you believe?

$15M in guarantees is a lot, but I’m not sure if Beckham goes there without confidence that Lamar will be the QB.

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Did OBJ have conversations with Baltimore’s backup QBs too? He should have, since they will likely be throwing the ball to him for much of the season.

Yea I don’t get him going to Baltimore? Even with LJ it’s not a very WR friendly offense. I guess he got his ring already though and I can’t imagine another team was offering more.


why should he care 15 million take home he wouldn’t care if they ever throw him the ball.


If he is still healthy, I’ll give him until week 4 before he is crying about not getting the ball enough.


Agree, higher than what I thought.

I wanted to ‘crowd source’ his contact value on here before it happened, to see how close The Den could get it.

We knew it would be between $8m (I doubt he puts on a uniform for less) and $20m (age, injuries, and later in the signing period).

My original guess was going to be 11m. I bumped it up to 12m when I heard there were two teams interested (Jets Ravens). Still low on my part.

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I would’ve choked if Brad gave him that contract, and I wanted OBJ.


I wonder if we will see Lamar sign a shorter contract for high $$.

15 mill guaranteed for 1 year for a broken down injured, over 30 WR!? His last good season was 2019. That’s 4 years ago now, they are paying him for things he did in the past, instead of what he currently is capable of IMO.

Chark must be shaking his head. OBJ gets 3 times his money despite Chark being 4 years younger and both having similar injury concerns/missing a lot of games.

Ravens grossly overpaid Odell

should be the headline


The only signing that will make this look like a good move in comparison is the Gollixay contract.


In the end, the Giants will have paid Kenny Golladay $36M for a total of 43 catches and 1 touchdown.

Basically 1 mill per catch!


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