RB Carlos Hyde to sign with Chiefs

I sort of wanted him as our pounder, but we’ve missed out.

Meh. I’m thinking that’s how we can use Bawden. I know we all forgot about the guy since he was injured immediately and we had to convert the LB (Bellore: 6’1’ 250)

Maybe we send them in to smash. (Bawden is 6’2" 245).

And Zenner looked a lot stronger after he came back.

If anything, we need another scat back like Riddick to round out the field, but I think Riddick is gone. ($3.6M cap savings)

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Interesting thought on Bawden, that would be pretty cool to try. Relying on it is different.

I’m in favor of drafting both a pounder and a Riddick replacement. For all of the stories about him still being untouchable in training camp, it hasn’t seemed to translate the past few years. The cap savings is worthwhile.

Man, some of my favorite Lions the last few years are all gone or on their way out; Tate, Glover, Riddick. (Once upon a time, Ansah.)

PS Bring Back Dre Bly

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You start looking at the cap like "Hmmm…would I trade Riddick and Christian Jones for Roby or Steven Nelson, or something like woukd I trade TJ Lang and Jones for Anthony Barr…and I’M like CUT HIM NOW!!!

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