RB Jermar Jefferson and CB Jarren Williams elevated for Sunday's game

Don’t know what to think of Jermar getting elevated, Swaggy, Swift, Jefferson and Reynolds are all healthy.

Jarren Williams provides more depth at CB as we only have 5, might play some ST’s if active.

What happened to Justin Jackson?

He’s healthy

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He missed last week, he’s hurt, hip issue is what I read.

Tells me they are planning to play smashmouth football in the cold.

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I just saw that too. I’ve always thought Jefferson had the chops to be a plus RB in any system, perhaps even a replacement for Swaggy next year if he’s not re-signed. He could have been poached by anyone last Tuesday by a team out of the playoffs, I think, so I’m wondering if there’s any advantage that ensures he stays with this team into the off-season by elevating him now? Is there a new injury worth monitoring with someone ahead of him in the RB room?


Says he’s healthy :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe he had a setback


Interesting, but last week he missed the game due to a hip injury.

Either way, let’s go!!

I think we can’t handle the possibility imho that the coaches and elevating him so that he makes more tape for other teams maybe?

They are elevating Jermar to shadow Robert Tonyan

I think we want fresh legs in the cold, and I love it!!

Smash those Packers in face…

Active/inactive makes no sense?
Why would you elevate players to the active roster, and leave them out of the game? The last game?
Unless, you want them available for the playoffs!
Let’s go Rams!

I don’t want someone who hasn’t played all year, who has a tendency to fumble, playing in a game that could determine our playoff fate… Just sayin, hope he’s inactive Sunday.

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@ TMP, agree wholeheartedly on Jefferson. Will be surprised if he’s active tomorrow.

the fact that they activated JJ, tells us someone in the RB room is questionable, you would never do that if you had 3 healthy backs.

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That’s definitely possible. Or it could be a procedural move they made to make sure he didn’t get poached.


Great points gents. Maybe Jackson is still not feeling the best.

Or maybe we will feature Jefferson in the Wildcat lol.

Nobody ever knew they saw Bob Tonyan’s shadow…


Great point Wes! Somebody might have claimed him off our PS.

RUN THE DAMN BALL!!! Jermar will take one to the house!!!

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