RB Mohamed Ibrahim waived/inj, S Scott Nelson signed

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A lot of us had high hopes for Ibrahim, was he injured seriously? I don’t even remember him getting hurt.


He just doesn’t have the juice to make his elite vision and contact balance matter. He gets gang tackled before he can take advantage.

Freaky athlete


Motown? More like NoMotown.

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I’m thinking there’s a chance our RB3 isn’t currently on the roster. I mildly like both Reynolds and Jefferson…but as RB4/practice squad types. An injury away from either one getting significant snaps is not appealing. And at some point that’s more than likely going to happen during the course of a season.

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Reynolds is fine. He’s no game breaker, but every time he’s been called on, he’s produced.


He’s fine but I think we can find an upgrade. As someone pointed out earlier today his value probably lies in the fact that he’s serviceable at everything.

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Scott sounds like nick scott for the rams. Freaky athlete that started as a ST ace and eventually was pushed into duty and did well and has been a good safety for them for years now

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Dammit! He was dyno-mite @UMinn. With the injury he MUST land on the PS.

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Measurables are great. Hows the skill level?

Good question. I have no idea whatsoever.

Not good enough for Seattle or Pittsburgh.

But is he coachable? Coaches at Pitt and Seattle suck.

Deandre Swift RB3 7 touches per game and Kick Returner.

But really, I think Benny Snell is gonna get the job.

He plays ST a lot too.

One game I’d watch for is Godwin Igebukie from Atlanta

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I wonder if Cam Sutton had any input ??

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Mike Tomlin and Pete Carroll, really??

Agree. Craig is a great R4

Jeff Wilson
Zach Moss
Nyhiem Hines
James Robinson

All trade deadline deals 2022.

Could be us buying this year…iroincally maybe we will use the pick we got from RB Swift to go buy a new RB3

He might not have been happy with the role, but I agree, I was all for keeping Swift on a contract year. He is a weapon. We would have had the best group of RB’s in football with Monty, Gibbs and Swift.

I guess it doesn’t matter now.

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