RB Ty Johnson ready for whatever Lions throw at him

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I liked him coming into draft an he has been so far a steal You can’t teach speed . Players can get stronger an learn plays better an even catch ball better but when you run that sped is limited yes you can save step or two by reading play better but for RB its about speed hitting hole an then change direction
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He’s going into Philly. He should be ready for what those crazy fans throw at him when we kick their asses

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Ty is the change of pace back that we need, but he might also be the lead back whether it is handed to him through injury or he earns it through his play. KJ was drafted knowing he had a history of injuries and he hasn’t disappointed. At least we didn’t use a first like we did with Ebron. Currently getting some value at OL and RB from the back end of the draft is something Quin deserves credit for.

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Is this possibly be overhyping a guy who had a couple okay runs so far?

For the most part, he’s looked solid throughout camp and into the season.

Yes, but when they let CJ go I believe that move spoke to their faith in him as the next man up.

Here’s actual footage of Ty Johnson in Quinn’s office after the Chargers game

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The kid has something you can’t teach. Speed. Low 4.3 , high 4.2s. He’s also shown more wiggle than expected given his tape from Maryland. Really good vision. Watches the eyes of the incoming tackler, which he uses to set up his stiff-arm. He hits the hole with good burst and has surprising power for his size. Good hands in the passing game.

He’s also shown the ability to break some tackles at the NFL level. Lots of guys can’t do that, particularly the speed guys.

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I always hate the “can’t teach speed” line. Speed is certainly nice, but it’s one of the last things that matters. Look at some of the best RB’s in history. Speed is not a requirement. The highway of the NFL is littered with fast guys that just were not good players.

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Yep. He keeps those legs MOVIN.

To your point, Shaun Alexander was a 4.6 40 guy. Emmitt Smith was a 4.5-4.55 guy.

Aaron Brown was a 4.40 40 guy and Aveion Cason reportedly ran in the 4.28-4.33 range.

Yeah, I always think to WR and the raiders and James Jett. The Olympic sprinter that couldn’t catch

I think it’d be wise for the Lions to not force him to be a guy that’s always running between the tackles.

Get creative with him. Use him in the screen game, find ways to get the ball to him in space…do these things and I think that’ll be using him to the best of his abilities at this stage of his career.

40 times are not the only measure of game speed. Short area quickness and getting into your top gear quick (something Kerryon does well), is very important. This kid has both it seems. But it’s a small sample size and we’ll see how he does the rest of the year.

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I always took a fantasy flyer on Jett hoping that “this would be the year he puts it all together”. That dude could really get downfield.

The comments got me wondering what Barry ran. The google machine produced an interesting article about Sanders that’s worth a read. He was a special kind of cat that’s for sure. Oh and he ran an unofficial 4.37 at his pro day


But he often seemed to get caught from behind…

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