Re Watched the 2019 super Bowl and IMO

Coaching, play calling and a poor offensive line lost the game. I think the coach just didn’t get his players in position to win and Blamed Goff.

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Belichick credited the Lions and Patricia for the inspiration on stopping the Rams. They took away a lot of the crossers.middle of the field and the outside zone runs and forced Goff to throw outside the hashes. Interestingly, I thought our worse game of the year on offense was the Pats game.


I agree, the worst game of the year offensively and defensively, Our receivers were in bad shape and no one could get open. The play calling and execution in the red zone was terrible. No Swift either.

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Goff was a big part of that loss. The late throw to the end zone that was broken up and the under throw that was intercepted. Those are plays he should easily be able to make. Mcvay also should have been able to adjust his gameplan to put his offense in better matchups. That loss isn’t on Goff but he certainly did contribute.

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Yea, he probably could have played better. McVay put the blame on him especially when the line play got real bad in the next couple years. My point is perception. McVay cast on Goff is BS. I think Goff is better in some ways then Stafford. I think McVay and the coaching staff lost that game more then the players.