Really Start Over with Rebranding

Long time reader first time poster. Hear me out:
Conversation a few days ago with other Lions fans and the usual takes of “completely change the culture, start over” etc… Someone suggested that the Lions should really start over, literally. Change the team name, team colours and completely rebrand. My initial reaction was “ridiculous, all those years of tradition and history, that’s dumb”. Then the more I thought about it the more I thought about what is the history and tradition? It’s of losing and ineptness. What are we holding on to?

I have no illusions that it would ever happen but the more I think about it the more I love it. Rebrand the team with a new nickname that represents Detroit. Steal a page from soccer “Detroit Motor City Football Club”. Could be a shot in the arm and rejuvenate the franchise.

Anyway, found it to be an interesting idea and wanted to throw it out there and see what the appetite would be.

Would love to hear some opinions.


As much as I hate the idea, I also don’t think it’s that bad of one either.
Good subject.
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I look forward to hearing more from you.

The only reason the Bucs won a Super Bowl was because they made a big change to their uniforms and color scheme. The same with the Broncos. The only reason the Cleveland Browns won the Super Bowl was because they moved and changed their name. Its science.

That being said I wouldn’t want to change the mascot or move. So we are left with a Bucs and Broncos style change.


I would have no problem re-nicknaming the team with something that better represents Detroit (the Pistons is one of the best names in sports), but I’m really starting to disdain this infatuation with soccer style names. Part of that is cause I watch the MLS and see it a lot and it all just seems so faddy. What’s wrong with the way we do it? I was really hoping one of the new MLS teams would have a nickname, but alas, they don’t.

Like with Snyder and Washington (who I would bet is keeping the WFT name), it smacks of him thinking it’s classy and profound and very much PR driven, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d prefer to keep that as far away from my football team as possible.

While I don’t hate the idea, I don’t love it either.

Unless they can get rights to the Michigan Panthers name and logo from Trump or whoever owns the IP to the USFL. That might sway me.

I don’t disagree. Adding “Motor City” gives in a little more. Keeps it open ended to change logos and or colour schemes in the future. Just an idea. Similar idea to Pistons motor city jersey. Black and white colour scheme

No way man. Lions fan always. win or lose. Though I wouldn’t mind a return to the 1970 logo, which actually looked like a Lion vs a Thundercat

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you can’t call it “Motor City” because it’s not…automobile industry was gutted. .

Here’s my, and hear me out on this, very best idea from the bottom of my heart…

Take this franchise out to the middle of an obscure field, put a bullet in it’s head, and bury it 6 feet deep…

Pats did it and started a dynasty

No, winning is merely putting the right GM and Coach in charge and using our best talents better than our opponents use theirs. FCK the fans and their issues as almost none of them understand what they are watching.

It’s good to hear that you understand your shortcomings.