Reddick traded CHEAP!

I don’t disagree.
We will learn this year how much DC/AG and BH value that lone trick.

I feel this way. Lots of intelligent people do

But, I really feel…more enlightened than you.

I really,…really do.

I can explain this, but best I dont

Super Bowl 59?

Ha ha…(background)

Detroit Lions…?

Ha ha…(background)

Good luck…

We are…**Super Bowl Champssssss

(annunciation is key when reading…have to connect with the writer)

And he’s back…

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What was his name the last time he was here?

You’re really believing hiim on this?

Yep, without a doubt. You have an unmistakenable amount of schizophrania that always comes out in your posts.

Houston directly impacted the Chiefs game. I did the film study and posted it. The “clock” in Mahomes head completely changed when Houston was the pass rusher. Which also speaks to how prepared Andy Reid and Mahomes are. They gameplanned for Houston. When he wasn’t on the field, Mahomes did his dance around thing to make a play like he normally does. When Houston was in the game and rushed, they didn’t play with fire. Mahomes got rid of the football, even if it was put in harms way. A lasting image of that game will always be the Brian Branch pick 6. We need to fully appreciate that Houston caused that based on how Reid and Mahomes calculated him as a pass rusher.


I’d like to see the time before a pass when Houston was on the field vs when he wasn’t in that game.

Sorry but call me skeptical that the best player in the league would even know who Houston was let alone change their whole game plan when he was on the field. I’m not saying you are wrong, it’s just hard for me to believe.

Would you believe they double teamed Houston?

I would if you told me they did… but otherwise if I had to guess, I’d say no.

It definitely happened.

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Not we we limit his snaps with Houston and Paschal rotating and Davenport spelling Hutch

And an impossible-to-forget way of specifically structuring your posts. I knew instantly.

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Just like I mentioned about Amik, being unconventional is one of the most underrated advantages in sports. Not that Houston doesn’t have a ton else going for him as a pass rusher. But the novelty of his approach is an amplifier of those other attributes IMO.

And as a fan he’s just so damn fun to watch rush the passer.


Houston is fast and almost always rushes extremely low and gives big OT’s problems.
It gives QB’s the “willies” because he’s hard to see being so low and his sacks are at their knees and ankles. :flushed:

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Here is a good example of that against the Chiefs. Houston rushes and dips around the edge. He has been “pushed down” several times in this game. So instead of allowing himself to get pushed down to the ground again, he slides on the ground on his own. The tackle has no preparation for this strategy. Houston combines a slide and crawl technique to snag Mahomes by the ankle. At this point Houston is basically an alligator getting ready to death roll. Mahomes has enough special traits to be able to unload an incomplete pass instead of taking the sack.



Well, all the talk of pissibly cutting him and struggling at the other assignments, I’d disagree.