Redrafting each first-round pick from 2023 NFL Draft: Going through all 31

One immediate problem jumped out to me.

If Anderson is there at No. 6 overall, no way the Lions trade down to No. 12.


Tuipulotu over Gibbs? Are you trippin?

Yes, it would be interesting to do this without the trades that actually took place. For sure, we’d take Anderson at 6. And Gibbs would probably still be there at 18. But we would have missed out on LaPorta.

True. And Branch would have been taken where he should’ve been–in Round 1.

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Am I crazy or is the “dominant” talk around Carter a bit much? Like, I’m seeing games where they’re running right at him. Their defense is = Detroit’s in points allowed. Shoot, LaPorta should be higher than Carter. Yeah, I said it. LOL. A stinking TE in the top 5.

Or even the idea that Houston would prefer Carter to Anderson? This author’s a moron.

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That flies in the face of what actually happened, but also the Texans own obvious preference. They basically traded a boatload to get Anderson:


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Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
If I knew in 1980 what I know now I’d have bought Chrysler stock and would have been a rich man the last 40 years.

Anderson starting to dominate late in season as he’s got more experience

Yesterday he had 2 sacks, 4 qb hits and several tackles for loss. The Broncos had no answer for him

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