Reggie Ragland Contract

Reggie Ragland
Base: $825K
SB: $137,500
Cap hit $962,500
Total Guarantees: $137,500

Seems pretty low to me. So, if they cut him they only have a hit of $137,500 in dead money? And they save $825k?

He might not even make the team.

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Very true. Which is why his contract is so low. That fact tells me there weren’t many teams interested, which doesn’t exactly create much confidence in him. But, you never know, sometimes a fresh start with a new team and a different scheme can make a difference.

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With almost 200M in cap space, deals like this are cheap. this contract knocks out one for $750,000 since they only count the top 51 so it really is almost insignificant. Not much of a hit if it doesn’t work either.

Dirt cheap if you ask me.

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I said when he signed that I thought it would be under $2 million and for one year, based on the fact that he was a FA from day 1 and there had been no news about any other team pursuing him. I’m also surprised that it was this cheap, esp considering that we had one poster who bet that it would be over $3 million, if only I could remember who that was.

Doesn’t factor in the comp pick formula. According to Overthecap, to be a qualifying FA, you have to have a contract with an APY higher than $2 Million.

This signing to me just got 1000X better than it was and I was already somewhat a fan of it.


I bet he does.

Cheap contract by BQ. A one year prove it deal. Hope it pans out.

I have a feeling we will see some 4 LBer sets this year.

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I think Reggie signed here because this system is a great fit for him and he will get an opportunity to show us what he can do. I love this Reggie signing.

In mocks I have been adding Curtis Weaver because I don’t believe the Lions are sold on Jarrad Davis as an answer here. I can see something like this real easy:

Curtis Weaver (or other rookie)
Reggie Ragland
Jamie Collins

Christian Jones as depth with Austin Bryant helping too.

I love Jarrad Davis but the scheme fit concerns are real. Jarrad is a professional, a hard worker and I love him but he may not fit here.

Elijah Lee got even less–only a $10K signing bonus.

That was me!! Go ahead and call me out by name, I would if I was right. This contract is a steal


It is a steal. I said 2 so it was half of what I thought too. No matter how it goes from here, even if they cut him, they made a great deal to get him here.

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Ragland is just a guy at best.

I don’t see how anyone based on his play the last few years can claim he’s a steal.

Christian Jones is better than he is.

JD might not be a good fit here, but I doubt that he’s going to be cut cuz the Lions basically have to pay him about $3.5 mil whether he plays or not. IOW, there’s no cap savings, his money is all dead money so why cut the guy when he’s essentially a free player.

I think they’ll have him coming off the edge or up the middle sometimes, maybe in certain situations and packages. Not expecting him back next year though. It’ll be interesting to see how Ragland does here, can he beat out JD for the ILB job? Let’s not jump to any rash conclusions.

Hell no don’t cut Jarrad Davis!

But Jarrad May have to beat out a rookie in the outside AND Ragland. I love Davis but if the Lions go high on an edge player I am not penciling in Davis as a starter. Ragland is coming here to take Jarrad’s job,esp. if the Lions land an edge player.

No he’s way better then Jones.

They will get a chance to prove who is better on the field.

Based on what?

I truly don’t know what he does better than Jones and Jones isn’t good.

Just not a lot of teams that favor one dimensional thumper ILB’s. Personally I think he is going to start for us over Tavai and JD. We’ll see.