Remaining Free Agents who could Help the Lions

In reading this board it seems like there is room to make a move or two more. Here is a great PFF link about the best remaining free agents that is worth looking at:
Best Remaining Free Agents

Two names scream out at me:
Safety Taylor Rapp- drafted by the Rams in 2019 in the 2nd round. Turned 25 in December. Sounds like he was good as a rookie but then the Rams changed D scheme and forced Rapp to play a free safety role when he is really a strong/box safety. If we need this role still this is signing waiting to happen.

DT A’Shawn Robinson. He turns 28 in a couple days. He would be an excellent DT to add in our rotation.

If we were to add two guys like this I would be feeling VERY good about this roster at this point. WR and 3 tech DT would still be a concern but past that this roster would have answers in almost every place.

Chark is #10 on this list. If I had to choose between paying Chark OR Rapp AND Robinson (those two contract might be what Chark equals) I think I choose Robinson and Rapp at this point.

WR Darius Slayton is on this list but he just re-signed with the Giants. I liked him.

WR Mecole Hardman is an interesting guy. Just 25 years old. Former Chiefs 2nd rd. pick. Dude can play.

Jalen Guyton could be a deep threat on the cheap. He’ll be almost 1 full year removed from the ACL when the season starts.


We do need to do something at the safety position and he would fit very well if the price isn’t too high.
I have mentioned A’Shawn and when he realizes he is not going to get a big payday he might be in play. I prefer Gaines as he is the run stopper we need and has a great motor. The fact he hasn’t signed yet tells me his price will be dropping.


I want Chark too!
I still think Chark is a great fit in this offense and I want him back more than most of you. I would think Ben Johnson and Goff do too. If it makes them more competitive so should Campbell. With him on the outside with JAMO and St Brown working the middle it just puts so much pressure on a secondary. His injury history is just that… history. Otherwise you dump Walker, Okudah, Ragnow, Big V, Okwara and never sign Mosley. Injuries happen in football.


LOVE to get Ashawn !

One thing is how is his knee an when should he be ready big men take longer to get healed an back

I’m not sure Ashawn fits the mold. He never impressed me when he was here.
Not that he doesn’t have talent. I don’t think he has the grit. He quits when things aren’t going well. That shit don’t fly here anymore.

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A big no from me on Robinson. Seems like he always had issues with his motor and didn’t really fit in before. I’d rather have Gaines. Guys like him never quit and I love that with the team we have right now.

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Actually a guy that I’ve got see personally here in Seahawk land that would fit our system is Poona Ford. He’s a guy that can fill in that 3T role.

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I know he is far from the guy he used to be, but how cool would it be to bring Suh back. Suh has said how much he loved in here in Detroit. He said last year he only has interest playing for a contender and the Lions are shaping up to be. He signed for cheap last year, could see 1 year 2.5mil. Campbell said this about him when they were together in Miami.

He’s a stud," Dan Campbell said via James Walker of ESPN. “He plays the way impact players play. He stepped up. He’s made big plays. You can tell that. To me, he’s a guy that has proven that when things don’t always go your way, he’s going to dig in and he goes that much harder.”

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I was thinking about that yesterday or the day before when looking over the available free agents. He’d fit perfectly on the field, I just don’t know how he’d fit in the locker room. Being a quasi-narcissist, he could disrupt the vibe MCDC tries to instill.

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