Remaining Holes: WR RB

This isn’t deep analysis, just me counting on my fingers.

Lost Chark, Cephus, Williams for six games
Added Jones, late rounder

Unless the team feels good with Benson and Kennedy covering for Williams, I think they add a veteran.


Lost Williams, Swift, Jackson
Added Gibbs, Montgomery

Again, the team might like Jefferson and Ibrahim to fill out the room. I’d like to see Jackson back in his same role. Thought he was more effective than Netflix while adding a lot to special teams


Both Gibbs and Sam are going to split out A LOT imo


I am hopeful that is how Gibbs is used but that also adds to the hole at RB.

Two bodies short either way.

I guess if they keep four TE and Cabinda that would be a lot of offensive skill guys

So is your preference 4 RBs and 6 WRs?

Exactly what I think is going to happen. You can have Monty in the backfield with Gibbs used all over the field. I would not be surprised if Gibbs has more receiving yards than rushing yards next year.

I think they like Reynolds quite a bit. That was definitely portrayed on hard knocks.

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I wasn’t stating a preference, rather noting the difference from last year to this.

I am not super happy going into the season with only ARSB, Jones, Reynolds, and Raymond available - and who’s to say nothing will happen to them? Last year they had five veteran receivers and a highly regarded (injured) rookie and even that wasn’t enough as it turned out.

Likewise, RB health was spotty but they went into the season with four plus Jefferson and that was barely enough. Hopefully upgrading from Swift will alleviate some of the health concerns

I counted him

I think the WR and RB room is complete

WR: ASB, Jones, Jamo, Raymond, Kennedy, Reynolds, Alexander, Green, Benson, Cota

At most we will keep 6

RB: Gibbs, Monty, Jefferson, Netflix, Ibraham

I suppose we could add someone but I don’t think it will be a large signing as we already have quite a but of $ tied up to rbs and really only have a need if someone is injured.

Where I could see us adding a player is on the DL I could see adding a vet like Suh or Chris Wormley


So how many RB’s do you think we will keep. Last year when Reynolds broke his ribs, we were rolling with only 3 RB’s on the active roster for several weeks. J-Will, Swift and Jackson.

Jefferson remained on the PS all season.

Dunno. I’m just using my fingers to count bodies.

Last year: Swift, Williams, Netflix, Jackson, (Jefferson)
This year: Montgomery, Gibbs, Netflix (Jefferson)

Am I missing someone? Greg Bell? I don’t think we can count UDFA

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Ibrahim will make the team and make an impact as RB3, the bruiser type. The RB room is fine

They could use another WR though until Jamo returns. They’re an Amon Ra injury from being in trouble although adding LaPorta could help mitigate the loss.


Jackson is still out there, knows the offense, can return kicks. I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back on a 1 year deal for the vet minimum. I know @Jman has brought that up. Jackson was effective when he played, had some real nice kick returns too.

I just saw we gave him 100,000 guaranteed to sign. That does sound like a potential guy who might get a roster spot. That’s a lot of cash for a UDFA. Huge production in college, almost 5000 rushing yards.

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Sun God played outside at USC, look for him to be rotating all over the place. And we just got a RB who could easily rotate slot and outside. These 2 positions are about the least of my concerns.

Over the past two seasons, Gibbs has hauled in 78-of-93 targets for 848 yards and five scores with 28 broken tackles after the catch. As important as his dynamism with the ball is his reliability. He’s dropped only two passes on 103 catchable targets in his career.


Slo Mo and Green make the team.

I’d guess it’s 5 WRs plus Jamo and 4 RBs.

Great college player. Most RBs run hard but he takes running hard to another level, an absolute bull similar to Jamaal. If it wasn’t for the achilles injury, I bet he would have been in the 3rd-4th round range. Seems like the Lions are pretty confident that he’ll make the team.

Also add in that Monty is a very good pass catching RB, if we use him in that role he could easily have 40+ catches


Yep, could easily see Gibbs and Monty combining for 100 catches. And you know St. Brown is going to catch about 150, okay maybe not that much, but he had 106 last year and missed a couple games.

I think we’re OK. That 7th rounder will be on the final 53 until Jamo comes back, at which point ~someone~ will have to be cut.

Benson and Kennedy are not part of the equation, IMO.

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I think they likely bring another one in…buuuut…let us not forget about Gibby. He literally lines up at WR & slot. He’s super-comfortable running routes.


Shit that roster is stacked compared to years past. Going to be some surprising cuts late in training camp I think.


I think the lions are happy with the group they have at RB now, including the UDFA kid from Minnesota. At WR, I think they will be adding a vet before training camp, and possibly a bigger name/serious threat, either from June 1 cuts or a trade. Honestly, I like the idea of bringing in a high-quality vet and making Jamo battle for snaps, rather than just think he’s gonna waltz into a starting role in week 7.

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