Remaining targets after Day 1

With Davenport, its doubtful we go after Hunter.
Two DT options would be Armstead and Reader. Reader coming off a quad.
This article has us linked to Ridley, but I don’t see it at $20M/year.

I had us going after Gilmore and Clowney but I guess Davis is younger and possibly a better long term option, so kudo’s to Brad there. Daveport over Clowney? I guess that works too.

Go Brad. Armstead would be nice!

Clowney is a turd sandwich. Not a fit. Hof talent with no love of ball.

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Then again, probably not Armstead. Reader seems much more Brad-like. 49ers Rumors: Arik Armstead Will Be Released; Declined 'Significant' Contract Pay Cut | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

I can’t read Arik’s name without hearing it in Mayock’s voice.

I said this in the FA thread, but I think a DT name to look out for is Sebastian Joseph-Day.

Originally drafted by the Rams in 2018, so Brad is familiar (this could make or break this entire thing). Chargers team captain in 2023, ended up getting cut towards the end of the year because the Chargers were doing Charger things. Got picked up by SF and played pretty well for them, imo.

Still relatively young at 28 and is good in the run game while also providing a little pressure from the inside. Probably would be relatively cheap. Would have to think that a guy like this for a year or two would be perfect for BroMart to learn behind and then take over for. Would be a massive upgrade over Benito.


Another good thing about Joseph-Day would be that we wouldn’t be giving up our compensatory 4th rounder for someone like Reader.

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Armstead was great in the Super Bowl. I like dudes that step up.


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