Remember Larry Warford

The guy is big as a house! Hope he slims down for health reasons. He’s a good dude


Damn… looks like he just found out about DoorDash too.

I feel your pain Larry.

Time for a water fast


“Thank you, Dad” goes a long way, y’all. So does the occasional “I’m sorry”.


Always liked Larry… was real good for the saints. Funny how when players left the Lions in the past they always got better.

Warford, Van Noy, Laken, and even Tavai is playing solid football these days. Thank God for the new regime actually developing players.


Loved Warford! In my top 3 all time Lions. Only jersey I have ever purchased was his Saints 67. And believe me it wasn’t easy to find.

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Seems to be breathing heavy… hope dude gets his body right for the next phase in his life

dude is large whew .

At that time in history, I remember pretty much every draft pick caused immediate arguments on the board.

Except for Warford.

It was approximately 99% excitement and happiness about it. It was remarkable, as wasn’t he a 3rd or 4th rounder? It’s funny to think back, because there is a lot more positivity about our picks now. But it seemed pretty unique at the time…


I love him too…used to call him Warlord

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Warford’s not an example of that. He was PFF’s Rookie of the Year in 2013.and on the PFWA all rookie team.

Warford was successful under OL coaches Jeremiah Washburn and Bobby Johnson (assistant offensive line coach). Washburn employed more of a power blocking scheme, which was suited to Warford’s talents.

When Lombardi was named offensive coordinator, he changed the blocking schemes (remember those disasters against the Vikings where Stafford was pounded?), to more of a zone scheme with lots of pulling and trapping. It didn’t work very well.

Washburn was the scapegoat for Lombardi’s failed zone blocking schemes.

Then, one of the most hated Lions coaches of all-time, Ron Prince, took over. Things went even further downhill for the Lions OL.

After Warford left for the Saints in 2017, he blossomed again (much as he did during his rookie season), and went to the Pro Bowl three times between 2017 and 2019.


Yup. There are several picks from that overall time period that were as “consensus” as it could get, and the Lions only pulled the trigger on one (Warford).

The others were DK Metcalf in 2019 and David Harris in 2007.


Refrigerator Larry


You had to bring that name up, didn’t you?!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

His name is War Ford. We should have known he’d never resign here.

There are Prince Alberts out there that would make better football coaches

Man. I bet all you can eat buffets hate to see that guy walk in.

Don’t get me wrong. Larry played well for the lions but he took his game to a new level with the Saints. 3 time pro bowler after he left.

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Great story. Sad situation.

Labored breathing, just while talking. I hope he gets healthy

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Have to disagree with you there.

Have you ever noticed that the players on playoff teams tend to get more post-season individual recognition, whether Pro Bowl or All Pro? Lions had their most ever in a very long time. And, have you ever noticed that great players on bad teams are often overlooked?

I’d submit that that Saints 11-5 (2017), 13-3 (2018), and 13-3 (2019) team records had as much to do with Warford’s perceived improvement as anything else. I’d argue that when deployed in the right scheme, Warford performed at the same level with the Lions, he just didn’t get recognition for it. When the scheme changed, his performance declined.